Sevilla – Granada CF Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (21.04.2017)


Prediction for Sevilla – Granada CF

Win Sevilla Asian Handicap -2 @ 1.86

Well I do not understand much this quota, I do not know what we can expect from this match on the part of Sevilla, but I think if I have it more or less clear with Granada, I’ve been watching it all season live in Los Carmenes, and after Their last performance, I think they have already been able to with the patience of all.


The only rival to play something here is Sevilla, that I have no doubt, is now fourth in the table with 62 points, and it seems that fourth place has more or less assured, as his closest rival is The Villarreal that is 8 points away, so their goal has to be that third place that gives direct access to the champions without having to dispute the previous phase with the benefits that entails, more rest and better planning, now the same Occupies the Atletico de Madrid with 3 points away, and also having as objective to win the champions, reason why the Seville can take advantage of this and of a possible puncture of Atletico in some of its parties.

Therefore, if in this game and I see much superior to Sevilla, with the situation that is living the Granada, with the fans totally against, and with players without desire and unmotivated, I believe in nothing other than Is a thrashing of Sevilla, chances will have no doubt, and more if the level of players like Vezo is still the same, and is that Sevilla can attack from all sides, but is that added to this, we are a Sevilla wanting to get that third place to finish in the best possible way a season that seemed magnificant for them and ended up being a chaos, in a month infernal where they were eliminated from the Champions League against Leicester, which hurt the team a lot And was reflected in the league, where they let out a 9-point lead over Atletico de Madrid.

Sevilla at home is a great team, has only lost a game and tied 3, being these draws in these last few days for them, so the guarantee I believe is assured.

On the part of Sevilla will not be able to count on Vitolo, as low more sensitive and waiting for Nasri that I think that is not going to be either.

Granada CF

On the other hand the Granada, which does not play anything, is in the 19th place of the table with 20 points, to 7 of the salvation that in fact they are 8 because they have the average goal lost with all, so the options to be saved They are still very remote but they are, but is that the attitude of the players is lamentable, deplorable … simply disgusting, the image they are leaving in their games leaves much to be desired, since you see players without intensity, without wanting to Pressure or fight, and that was seen in Los Carmenes in his previous game against a Celta playing with all the alternates because tomorrow has europa league, and Granada was unable to create chances and goal, however, granted many, And ended up losing the game by 0-3.

So now playing at home, surely they want to reach the path of victory, and I do not know what to expect from Granada, I guess with the dismissal of Alcaraz and the arrival of Adams, the team will not be so defensive, and that I try The Celta, but is that with that intensity the only thing they do is lose balls and send them up, with the difference that there are 3 players who do not defend, Granada numbers are ridiculous, only 27 goals in favor and 68 against, Being the team less leading scorer and the most thrashed, added to that he has only managed to get 4 points, and have scored no less than 44 goals, being the last most notable on the other hand a draw to 0 in riazor Where the Depor had all of the colors and even a penalty missed, makes us think that Friday does not look good for them.

The Granada will not be able to count on Wakaso, Ingason, Ramos and Kravets I doubt it much, one for a thigh injury of which already takes away of the equipment a few weeks and Kravets by a sprain.

Anyway, I do not expect a reaction from Granada or help from Sevilla as it is already being discussed by some media in Granada, media that at the same time seem to me a little help to the team, because what has to be done is to be more critical and Above all realistic, what good is it to ask for help to Sevilla if it loses against a Celta playing with substitutes and more with the image they gave ?, and if we look at the calendar, nothing seems to help, having to play against Real Madrid in Los Carmenes, and on the other hand as I say, I do not expect help from Sevilla, as it is not the same to be third to fourths and to have to play a previous phase that can be very hard and giving less preparation and rest to the players and in the subject Economic also varies the thing.

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