Real Madrid – Celta Vigo Prediction & Picks (16.02.2020)


Real Madrid – Celta Vigo SOCCER PICKS

I want to open this league day with a funbet that as I have read it has seemed good to me, when I have seen the quota it has seemed even better, and now that I am sharing it I see more value. A lot of caution because you can go to the badge in minute 1, but to give him 3 eurillos nothing happens.

Important match for Madrid that if we remove the debacle in the cup, it is setting very complete matches. He is a solo leader, he has a big game against the City of Guardiola, and for the moment he is visited by a Celtic with high morale after going back to Sevilla and leaving the descent.

I see Madrid very favorite because it is showing itself as a united team, fighting in defense, moving quite a bit in attack and having its midfielders very plugged in facing goal. Celta is a team that has its weapons, that will have its arrivals and that will try not to break too much in defense, however I think it knows how to play Madrid to get something positive, as it did 3 years ago in the cup, and that means risking A little more and play from you to you.

The Rest / Final part has been achieved in 3 of the last 5 games. In another, he won the rest and in the 84th he tied Celta, and in the other, even though Madrid won, they couldn’t score before the break after finishing 9 times.

This time Zidane does not want more surprises and will leave with the team pressing up, in search of a more or less early goal that helps to mature the game and be able to, then have room to make changes and rest players thinking in these weeks of heart attack What lies ahead. Therefore I see with very good eyes that at the break Madrid will leave with advantage on the scoreboard, because when they have not done so, it has been when the worst results have arrived, so let’s hope that 45 minutes will pass for this Madrid to score At least 1 goal and keep the door at 0.

The second part of the bet asks us to see 6 corners in the second half. The logical line is more +4.5, and even more with Madrid winning that usually it is usually a sign of less corners, but I do not see it crazy, it ignores the idea of ​​6 corners, with an overturned Celta who has skilled players and with a good shot like Aspas and Sisto, and band players who could force 3 corners in this second half, which is what Madrid allows on average in the second 45 minutes. Madrid takes more corners in the first part, but inertia should leave 2-3 corners easily and with a bit of luck if there are a few minutes of those crazy people in which they can take 2-3 corners, what we call a “combo” , leave this part of the pick resolved.

The last part of the pick should really be the first, because before 5 minutes we will know if this bet goes ahead or not. We are looking for the first goal kick, and I really play in the Bernabeu and see what Madrid is finishing this year, I see whites as a favorite to be the first to create danger, or at least reach the rival area and grant The first kick to Celta, or always what has been said, that the game must start with an occasion of yours and not the rival. I know that this part is the most complicated in what fits, because if the Celta takes out and puts a long ball that for whatever it is touches one of the Celtic and leaves by bottom line, then bet lost, but I will trust That is the other way around.

It is not simple, since problems can arise from minute 1, or Madrid is not able to get ahead, or stay in 5 corners in the second half. But before this fee I want to try it.

© Andrey

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