Granada CF – Celta Vigo Prediction & Picks (29.02.2020)


Granada CF – Celta Vigo SOCCER PICKS

After the forecast that I left up last night, and that is for the match between Celta and Leganés, I have decided to leave this already published, because I consider that depending on what happens on Saturday in Balaidos this quota will vary. It will vary, and as you have to get wet, in these things of playing with the market, I believe that there is a greater probability that the quota will vary in favor of the celestial set. Therefore, I will leave it already uploaded even though there are conditions, which could be important.

The first conditioner is that Aspas see the card against Leganés. After not forcing not to miss the game against Madrid, which I did not expect (and proof of that was that I went with the card in the Sevilla game), but that makes me continue with 4 having not seen it against Madrid and that if he sees her in front of Leganés, this game would be lost.

Eye, it is an important conditioner, but this match is eye because it brings them.

From my point of view, as a celestial fan, I believe that between Granada and Celta there are still remains between the ashes of that tie in which Granada eliminated Celta in the playoff of promotion to first division, which then continued to warm up after the rise of Celta and Orellana’s move, for those important players in Celta and who forced as much as possible to get out of there to come to Celta, caused a rivalry between the two hobbies that, a priori, should never have existed.

However, the Celtic and especially Aspas, are not a well received person in that territory.

It must be said, that mentioning the possibility that Aspas can miss this match, the truth is that Celta has shown in the second round start to be a team that competes. Proof of this is that he has only lost 1 of the 6 games that we have in the second round, and that although sometimes the results did not accompany the game that the team was deploying, now it seems (sensations, sincerely) that the Celtic can start to go up. I have already been a unit and a half to the victory in Balaidos in which it is the most important game (of those that remain in Celta, for the moment) to hit the table and mark territory, and thus uncheck a fight that, in any other scenario than that of a victory in that game, it will be agonizing.

With that game, Celta would arrive at Los Cármenes with the possibility of scoring to a difference with the low zone and making that jump, which could place him in 8 games without knowing the defeat, in the supposed case of how I say, win Leganés and Do not lose in Granada.

If I have decided to go with this forecast, it is by the margin that bookies offer, in which with a draw, the bet would be half won. This fee, if everything goes as it should, will go down. And he will, because despite the fact that Granada is in a good moment (not like at the beginning, but not bad either) and above all, before a unique opportunity to play a final of the King’s Cup, which would give him real options of power win a title that for the first time in a long time does not have the presence of a league TOP (with the respect Real or Athletic).

It must be said, that logically, the Granada will make rotations. If they are doing them now, I think it makes even more sense to do them in this match, since it would only take 5 days for the game of the season for them, and then the next crash would be only in 3 days. Given this, I consider that the rotations are going to fall in this match and thinking a lot about a cup match that, as I say, is the match of their lives and that go with the need to trace the result of the first leg, in which They lost 1-0. They don’t have it easy, but not impossible either.

Another thing that I would like to highlight, as I mentioned in the forecast up against Leganés, is that Celta is recovering players for the cause. Without going any further, to Denis and Mina, protagonists of the goal of the tie at the Bernabéu, added to Pione and a Smolov who has arrived and kissed the sky, making it clear that this type of scoring goals is indifferent to the language in the that they speak to him, because he knows how to put them and the goal in the Bernabéu giving a pass to the net, is a good proof of this.

Therefore, even with the loss of Aspas, if it happens, I believe that Celta is at a time when, in addition to NOT being able to lose, he is very qualified not to do so.

Finally, and this is already fumadita of the house, is that the Granada coach, Diego Martínez Penas, is Vigo and played 9 years in the lower categories of Celta. Although I don’t think I owe anything to Celta, nor do I have to, it is a factor that encourages me to believe that if it does rotations it will be here, and that if it can help any team in the lower zone, it will do so with Celta.

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