Cadiz CF – Villarreal PREDICTION (25.10.2020)


Cadiz CF – Villarreal SOCCER PICKS

Sunday afternoon game in Carranza that faces Cádiz, one of the sensations of this beginning of the championship, and Villarreal, which has also started very well and is that it is second classified with 11 points, the Cadistas fifth with 10.

I’m going with a statistical forecast and it will be that the Villarreal midfielder Vicente Iborra will give 60 or more passes, it may seem like a high line but I hope that the visitors clearly dominate the ball against Cádiz that is comfortable leaving the initiative to their rivals, and bad you are not seeing the results.

We are going with the numbers of Iborra in this beginning of the season that little by little is gaining importance in the team and it is that he has played 90 minutes in the last three games, here are his numbers so far:

– Vs Valencia: 53 passes.
– Vs Atlético Madrid: 51 passes.
– Vs Alavés: 70 passes.
– Vs Barcelona: 29 passes (45 minutes).
– Vs Eibar: 18 passes (32 minutes).
– Vs Huesca: 13 passes (13 minutes).

They seem very bad numbers and it is that for the marked line we would have 1 green, 3 null and 2 red but of course there are interesting data such as making 29 passes to Barcelona in a while, the 51 passes against Atlético de Madrid in the Wanda with 46% possession or 53 against Valencia in the last game.

There is a piece of information that I think can be very positive and relevant for the forecast and that is the fact that Parejo is low for the game due to injury and of course that will make the players who usually play around him have to have more prominence in terms of passes give since Parejo is clearly the one who touches the most ball in all the games in that center of the field.

We are now going to focus on the rival, Cádiz, a team that will clearly end the season being the team or teams with the least possession in the league, here are the passes given by rival midfielders:

– Real Madrid: 38 (45 minutes), 65 (77 minutes) and 34 passes (45 minutes).
– Granada: 53 and 45 passes (82 minutes).
– Athletic: 47 (77 minutes) and 82 passes.
– Seville: 103, 92 and 39 passes (60 minutes).
– Huesca: 73 and 46 passes (52 minutes).

To finish saying that in the midweek Europa League game Unai Emeri reserved Iborra and only made him play the second half, and by the way in those 45 minutes Iborra went to 46 passes with a team possession of 62% at that time.

© Andrey

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