Vitebsk – Smolevichi Prediction & Picks (05.04.2020)


Vitebsk – Smolevichi SOCCER PICKS

Vitebsk will host Smolevichy at Stadyen Central’ny Vitsyebski, in a match valid for the third round of the Belarusian championship. Both teams intend to campaign carefree, but they will have to fight every game to make that happen. Good results must be added in as many games as possible, because what matters is scoring points. Therefore, neither team wants to lose and this can make the game more balanced. The last time they met, Vitebsk won 4-0.

Vitebsk :

Smolevichy has just moved up in the division and so far has not shown much. In the first two games he accumulated a draw and a loss and did not show quality football. You certainly need to improve, because only then will you be able to achieve your goals. By performing better in the field, the chances of better results will greatly increase.

When he plays away from home, the difficulty is always greater, but he cannot give up and keep accumulating bad results. You want victory, but draws cannot be ignored. In this way, Smolevichy enters this game wanting a positive result. So you will have to play good football and you cannot make mistakes. In summary, his performance must be homogeneous, so as not to risk being defeated again. In this match the best available players will be found.


To have a smooth campaign, Vitebsk will have to have a lot of skill throughout the season. He knows that oscillations can complicate everything, so he should avoid them as much as possible. By playing at home and against a rival of his level, the need for victory increases considerably. That is why you will need to have a strong game plan and seek to neutralize any visitor action. In this way, the probability of having a favorable result becomes greater.

It is difficult to know exactly what to do, but we can list basic concepts. Know how to defend firmly, not miss passes and not waste offensive opportunities. If you play simple, you can win quietly. The game will not be easy, but Vitebsk knows exactly what it needs to do to win. In this match the best available players will be found.

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