Vancouver Whitecaps – Atlanta United Prediction & Picks (16.05.2019)


Vancouver Whitecaps – Atlanta United SOCCER PICKS

This Wednesday, the Vancouver Whitecaps hosts Atlanta United at BC Place Stadium, in a game valid for Major League Soccer. The two teams that face here are in different conferences, however, they have similar interests at the moment. Both teams are still looking for balance in the competition and that’s why they want a positive result. Therefore, it will probably be a more balanced match, which can be defined in detail. In the last confrontation between both there was a victory for the Americans by the score of 4×1.

Vancouver Whitecaps:

The Vancouver Whitecaps is doing a campaign that is not one of the best and knows that it needs to change that as quickly as possible. This is said because it does not want to be misclassified once again, therefore, it needs to find an evolution. Despite playing against a rival who has his interests he needs to score points, but he will have to play well for that to happen. Therefore, you should give your maximum in the field, being that attitude, focus and determination are essential in your search for growth.

Canadians know that in order to have a good campaign, regularity is essential and that is why they want to evolve as quickly as possible. With regularity the probability of reaching good things increases considerably and that is what you want. Therefore, the Vancouver Whitecaps expects to have a good performance and without errors, as it will be able to approach a positive result. In the current round you must show a good game pattern and annul your opponent, reducing the risks of being surprised. In this match Michael Baldisimo, Jasser Khmiri, Andy Rose and David Norman Jr will be absent, for being in the medical department.

Atlanta United:

The Atlanta United has oscillated sometimes in the competition, but little by little it is finding its way in search of the regularity. This means that it is focused on a constant evolution in Major Major Soccer. In general his idea is to fight for the title, but to make it a reality he will have to show a more regular football. Being that way, you need to have more attention and efficiency throughout the rounds if you want to improve in the competition. If you have a sequence of good results, the chances of reaching your goals increase significantly.

In this round he will face a team that also wants to evolve and that is why he needs to have a lot more attention. There is no denying that there must be respect, but to achieve what you want you will also need to prevail. Therefore, you must give your best in the field to have a good result, something totally necessary at this time. In this way, Atlanta United will try to control the pace of the game, have possession of the ball and press the opponent. All this then in this way will increase the probability of making goals and consequently would approach a favorable score. In this match George Bello, Kevin Kratz, Mikey Ambrose and Brandon Vázquez will be absent, for being in the medical department.

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