Ulsan Hyundai – Busan PREDICTION (24.05.2020)


Ulsan Hyundai – Busan SOCCER PICKS

Hello colleagues … here we continue working, and we are very interested, this bet, and more the reasons, very viable, … the result, and even more the quota., So we just go to the analysis of the 2 teams.

Hyundai, could not have started the season better, 2 wins, (4-0) and although the last and 1 of the campaign at home (2-3), this one, was with a lot of suffering, partly due to the empanada, which they showed in the first half, and at the beginning of the second, when they were 2-0 against, they managed to come back, in the 90, and give us a Verdazoo. Therefore, I went in first position, 2 wins, 7 goals for and 2 against, and an interesting fact, his striker Negao, .. has scored 4 goals of the 7 that Hyundai has scored.
Hyundai finished 2019 as the best local, with 16 days, 12 wins, 3 draws and 1 single loss, with 28 goals for and 11 against.

Busan, his last game against Jeonbuk, it must be said that he stood up for him, to be a newly promoted, in total 2 games, two defeats and the only goal they have scored, was a penalty.
We did not take into account the last 5 games between the two in the face of the forecast, since they date from 2018, as Busan was a recently promoted and several games were of the Cup. Even so, as mere information, 3 wins for Hyundai, and 2 draws.

The odds to be the third day, begin to suffer, against the Hyundai, his first home game, the victory was paid around € 1.61, down now, on the third day to 1.44, .. we talk about a significant drop of -17 cents, by bookies.
With which entering a local victory, it seems to us a quota, very flat, however, the quota 1’80, to an Over + 2’5 goals, seems more appealing, seeing above all, that the 2 games of the Hyundai , Both have produced + 3.5 goals and 1, from Busan, + 2.5 goals. In short, we would have a 60% probability, that there should be at least 3 goals in this match, especially by Hyundai. For the most daring, then go to an Over + 3.5 goals, that is, 4 goals … because it would not be a bad option either, but for now, we prefer to be cautious, which ultimately is a League just start, and we are satisfied, with this quota, 1’80 to a minimum of 3 goals, which practically should be given, if the Ulsan striker, Negao, pulls out the magic wand, and if Ulsan makes use of, his biggest budget, and your best template.

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