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Uerdingen – Meppen SOCCER PICKS

With a 2-1 away win at SV Waldhof Mannheim – the only fourth defeat of the ambitious promoted team this season – the KFC Uerdingen screwed up its points account to 42 points. Thus, the Krefeld are only eleventh in the table, but are only three points behind a relegation place. It is clear that everything is still possible on the remaining ten match days of the 3rd league if the next three against SV Meppen is successful.

The Emsländer, who are also eighth at 42 points, have by no means finished with the ascent and are certainly not coming to the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf without ambitions. Which bookmaker at Uerdingen against Meppen offers the best odds can be found in the betting odds comparison.

In Uerdingen against Meppen, the prognosis must first and foremost take into account the restart after the corona break. Here, the KFC was extremely strong, especially in terms of fitness, while the overall performance of the Emsländer at 1-3 at home against Würzburg was still very expandable, despite the fact that it was superior at times.

Against this background, we believe that the home side are a bit further at this time of the season and can also better cope with the burden of the upcoming English weeks. We are therefore betting on Tip 1 at Uerdingen against Meppen. Further analyzes and betting recommendations for the third highest German league are available in the section Betting Tips 3rd League.


The KFC Uerdingen entered the 2019/20 season with great ambitions and the clear goal of moving up to the 2nd Bundesliga in the shortest possible time. Patron Mikhail Ponomarev again pumped a few million into the club, which once won the DFB Cup in 1985 and made it through to the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners’ Cup the following year.

However, there was no resounding success. So the Krefeld came to scorn the league for long stretches of the season. Heiko Vogel was fired spectacularly, while Manuel Konrad caused a sensation with a related and now legendary WhatsApp message. Successor Stefan Reisinger was then followed by Danielsteueragel and finally on March 10th 2020 with Stefan Krämer the former trainer came back.

This means that the KFC has made seven coaching changes since moving up to professional football in the summer of 2018 and was accordingly impatient with the long-term plans of the training instructors. One thing is clear: if you want to assert yourself in the Krefeld fields on the coach chair, you have to deliver short-term results.

And this is exactly what Stefan Krämer did now, who of all places in Mannheim, where he was promoted to the 3rd division in the relegation almost exactly two years ago, had an important 2-1 success at the re-entry. It is all the more important that this is now linked to Meppen at home.

In our eyes, it is quite remarkable that the odds of bookmakers in Uerdingen against Meppen are so balanced and do not swing in the direction of the blue-reds. After all, the KFC Uerdingen in Mannheim presented itself physically and playfully much further than its strong competitor, which is why this away win can already be seen as a clear declaration of war in the direction of the many competitors for the promotion places.

In our eyes, reloading against the Emsländer is even more likely because Alexander Bittroff and Franck Evina, two players who are still yellow-blocked in Mannheim and are not available, are now ready for action again. The only worry is that captain Jan Kirchhoff, who was able to see the goal for the 2-0 lead with a fall back, injured his thigh and had to be replaced.

But the shape of assets like Osayamen Osawe, Christian Kinsombi and Ali Ibrahimaj could make the difference again in this home game against the Emsländer.


The SV Meppen had certainly imagined the restart of the 3rd league quite differently. After the North Germans were unbeaten for five league games and chewed on the ranks again with a result of eleven out of 15 possible points, the 1-3 home defeat against the Würzburg Kickers caused a considerable damper.

The manner of the defeat was particularly bitter, because after a poor first half it was Christian Neidhart’s men who came out of the booth full of enthusiasm and left several top-class opportunities for the lead before Würzburg finally used the rooms perfectly to strike ice cold three times.

In the end, the Meppener may also have to admit that the physique after the storm run at the beginning of the second half was no longer available to counter the counterattacking of the guests.

Regardless of whether it is due to the missing grains or the lack of cleverness, it is clear that the Neidhart team missed the opportunity to climb to third place, which needs to be processed mentally.

It would be all the more important to immediately add more in the next match after the restart and have an away win in Düsseldorf. The fact that Tip 2 works against Uppenheim against Meppen is also supported by the away record of the 3rd division. So far, the Emsländer have only suffered two defeats in foreign places in 14 away games. So far, only promoted Waldhof Mannheim has been even harder to beat in the distance.
More problematic, however, is the fact that Uerdingen’s condition was extremely strong in the first competitive game since the beginning of March and overall looked more mature. Certainly, this may only be a snapshot that could already be refuted in this match, but the Meppener must first provide proof that they are physically adequately prepared for the hot June with ten remaining competitive matches in the 3rd league without To get through further.

After all, Christian Neidhart currently has to do without Markus Ballmert and Luka Tankulic and is not the greatest team in the squad anyway. Almost everything also runs through Deniz Undav, who reduced it to 1: 3 against the HFC shortly before the final whistle.

The 23-year-old, who was directly involved in 27 of the 51 season goals in Meppen with 15 goals and twelve assists, is already certain as the first exit. Although he is likely to be professional enough to do his best for his employer in the end of the season, it remains to be seen whether he can remain the same cornerstone of the team as before the break.

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