Tokushima – Renofa Yamaguchi Prediction & Picks (24.11.2019)


TokushimaRenofa Yamaguchi SOCCER PICKS

Last day in J2. We are going to Tokushima for this match between the fifth classified and the fifteenth.

I don’t understand this fee very well and I think it will go down. The Vortis is playing its PO place although a draw could be worth it depending on the results of its rivals playing with unified schedule can not be pending from other games and has to win. The only thing clear is that if they win at least they keep their fifth place of PO their rival again nothing is played.

I have talked a lot about Vortis this year. Trained by Ricardo Rodriguez the Spaniard in his third season in command of the team has done a very good job in the last two campaigns he stayed at the doors of the PO and this except hecatombe they will get it. A team different from what is usually seen in general in J2, attacks and defends very well with the possession of the ball. It is one of those teams that does not stand out much at all but is good at everything, very complete. It is the fourth most top scorer team in the fifth best local league and most importantly for the pick the most fit team in the league at the moment. He has won 10 of his last 14 games scoring at least 2 goals in 9 games.

I also talked about his rival last day. The truth is that I was very surprised how they went against Montedio or rather I was surprised at how bad Montedio went out to that match by fitting two goals in a very bad first half but the truth is that in the second they scored 3 and it could be some more . A team that for many days was the team that scored the most goals corrected it in part will end the league being the 4 most scored team in the league and is the fifth with the most goals away from home. His good two last months have led him to save himself without suffering anything, largely his main objective. Since he achieved mathematical salvation he has lost his 3 games.

Good quota for the victory of the team in the form of the league, which plays at home, playing its place of promotion PO against a weak opponent defensively and nothing is played.

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