Smolevichi – FC Minsk PREDICTION (23.09.2020)


Smolevichi – FC Minsk SOCCER PICKS

Match corresponding to matchday 23 of the Belarus Vysshaya League that will face this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. the local team that occupies the bottom position (Smolevichy) against the twelfth classified and approaching the lower zone FC Minsk.

For this match between teams from the lower zone of Belarus, I again opt for the goal overrun +2.5 once the statistics of both teams have been analyzed.

The both score if we analyze the home / away matches, it has occurred 11 times out of 22 matches, it just reaches 50% of the time, on the other hand, the goal overrun is a slightly higher statistic that for me has value since it has been got 12/22.

But for me what gives value to the pick among all the data is the number of matches of the local team exceeding the goal overrun:

Smolevichy – Brest 0: 6 GREEN
Smolevichy – Belshina 0: 3 GREEN
Smolevichy – Isloch 3: 1 GREEN
Smolevichy – Dinamo Brest 3: 3 GREEN
Smolevichy – Slutsk 2: 1 GREEN

I think the most difficult thing to paint this pick green is for the visiting team to score a goal but looking at the statistics of away goals throughout the season FC Minsk has scored in 15 of 22 games, I want to think that playing against bottom He will have opportunities to score at least one goal to facilitate this pick, so we have to try and if someone dares to follow him, I also wish him good luck.

© Andrey

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