Rwanda – Libya Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (23.01.2018)


Final match of the group stage of the African Nations Championship, which will face the Libyan and Rwandan national teams.

I will be especially brief in the writing of this pick, not to repeat ideas that I have already put in others and fall into filling characters. I invite you to read my analyzes on Rwanda and Libya in previous picks and on the specificities of the tournament if someone wants more explanations that I will not repeat unnecessarily

In particular and in relation to this game, we come to the final day with the group as follows:

-1. Nigeria 4
-2. Rwanda 4
-3. Libya 3
-4. Equatorial Guinea 0

Nigeria will surely win their game against the real Equatorial Guinea and will put feet in the second round. In this sense, the real end will be lived in Rwanda-Libya, in which the Libyans are forced to win to continue in the tournament.

In principle, and without having entered the tournament, there is an important difference between the league of Libya and Rwanda. Despite what it may seem, there are several competitive Libyan clubs at the African level and this is not the case with the Rwandan teams that are a couple of steps behind.

Apparently in this tournament, Libya passed over the selection of Equatorial Guinea, in a match that ended in a landslide scandal and that it was not because Libya did not want to make special blood before a lousy rival. In the second game, the Libyans lost a set piece to a draw tied to the best selction of the group: Nigeria. However, the feelings of Libya are good and I liked the team a lot.

Rwanda pulled a miraculous draw against Nigeria. Nigeria created infinite opportunities (many more than Libya) and it is a miracle that it did not end in a landslide. In front of Equatorial Guinea we saw a grotesque spectacle: to see who was worse, and if our pick came out it is because the Guineans are of an infamous level. It should not be enough for Rwanda to have such a poor level before an armed and united team like Libya.

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