Lommel SK – Beerschot VA Prediction & Picks (08.11.2019)


Lommel SK – Beerschot VA SOCCER PICKS

Lommel is not doing well this season and is in last place. They have one day left in the first round to somewhat correct the crooked situation. However, this is not an easy task, as it is up against Beerschot, which was still top favorite at the start of the season.


Lommel is and remains the last player, even after thirteen day of play. What exactly was wrong within the team has never become completely clear. Since ‘big name’ Peter Maes has taken the helm, football has improved, but the results remain just as bad. Under Tom Van Imschoot things went much better last season, but he was relocated to Genk in June and is currently assistant coach there. His replacement, Stefan Gislason, did less well than both Van Imschoot and the current Icelandic coach in the Proximus League.

The last match against Westerlo in ‘t Kuipke was by no means a high flyer. Maes seems satisfied, but there will still have to be some changes to this team if they want to do better in the second period. Maes after the game: ‘This was a deserved point. Maybe we could have had even more. I have seen a defensible team that, especially in the second half, played the ball well and created moments. Yet we also had two excellent opportunities in the first half. Our plan worked well. We knew that they gave way to the backs and we were able to take advantage of this a few times. We have had to fight hard for this point, but it will just be hard every week. ”


Beerschot was able to win again last match day, this time against fellow founder Roeselare. What is striking, however, is that it is a home victory again. The Beerschot does not seem to be able to relocate when relocating, and the figures prove that. The Kiel Rats only scored two points in six away matches, which is quite to very dramatic. They only managed to score three times and gave up no fewer than twelve. That is to make an average of one goal per two matches and get two. If they still want to fulfill their role as top favorites in the second period, serious efforts must be made to achieve this.

Another problem that is in the foreground, but which is inextricably linked to the low goal score, is Marius Noubissi. The Cameroonian is working on a dramatic season. Last season he was one of the outliers, both in his own team and in the league, but this season he didn’t get a single ball between the posts. If Beerschot wants to score more goals, which is clearly one of the problems at the moment, it will have to ensure that their top players get back into shape.

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