Jong Ajax – Telstar Prediction & Picks (28.02.2020)


Jong Ajax – Telstar SOCCER PICKS

We go with this forecast of the Dutch League that I like in terms of goals is usually festival in terms of goals.

Ajax team that marches 3 and fights to hunt the second classified who has 2 points.
It is a team that generally marches with 70 goals in favor and 41 against in the 27 disputed which gives 4.1 on average.
At home he would give us the over 8 times and 5 under with 38-15 in terms of goals.

Telstar away team struggling to be in the promotion playoffs and that takes 4/5 away games giving us this over.
His general numbers are 11over and 16 under with 44 goals in favor and 46 against what he averages 3.3, but his best numbers for the over gives them as a visitor since he would give 8 times the over and 5 the under with 24 goals marked by 25 embedded and 3.8 on average.

With all this information, the quota offered by this +3.5 seems interesting to me to play and I hope that the troll day does not come out and is a real goal festival.

© Andrey

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