FC Hermannstadt – U. Cluj Prediction & Picks (12.06.2019)


FC Hermannstadt – U. Cluj SOCCER PICKS

FC Hermannstadt will receive Wednesday at 16:00 on the “Municipal” in Sibiu, the University of Cluj University, in the return of the dam for maintenance / promotion in the 1st League 2019-2020 that will start in the middle of next month.

In the tour of “Cluj Arena” played on Sunday, the first division prepared by Vasile Miriuţă made the difference on the final match by two goals scored in two minutes by Petrescu (min. 79) and Tsoumou (min. 80), the duel frowning with the score of 2-0.

With this result, Hermannstadt is 99% sure of the presence and next season on the country’s first football scene, and it is hard for the clunks to succeed “remontada”. Although wonders have been seen in football, the most recent examples being those of Liverpool Champions League in the duel with Barcelona and Tottenham in the Ajax game, it is hard to believe that Bogdan Lobonţ’s students will have the strength to return this result, especially since the game they performed in the Cluj Arena tour in front of 25,000 fans was not at all a chance to give them hope and to justify them in the ulltim place of the League 1.
Having no defense in view of the failure of the tour, 2-0, Red Hat players are forced to offensive in Sibiu. The generous spaces that Bogddan Lobont’s students will leave in the defense could take Vasile Miriuţă’s pupils to the top, and they have high quality players who can make the difference.

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