Bayern Munich – Sevilla PREDICTION (24.09.2020)


Bayern Munich – Sevilla SOCCER PICKS

Well, having seen what I have seen and although there is still some time left for this meeting, I want to enter this bet for the match that will determine who wins the European Super Cup between Bayern and Sevilla. We need the German team to score 3 goals or more in the match.

Great game that we will have here between 2 historical Europeans but in which I see a clear favorite for the game. I have thought about a ha or a Half time / final but finally I have opted for the goals in favor regardless of the final result. Bayern Munich comes as the representative of the Champions League by clearly imposing almost all its rivals and achieving full of victories in the championship (also somewhat easier due to the one-game eliminatory but still worthwhile. The team trained by Flick It became someone else since he took the reins, going from being out of Champions League positions to becoming the best team in the world.

He left memorable matches such as the tie against Chelsea or the result that has had the most impact in recent times (I would say that from 1-7 also with Germans as protagonists) with 2-8 against Barcelona. I was waiting to see how they started the Bundesliga since their preparation has been scarce for the short time since the Champions League final but they have made it clear. They are going to continue sweeping whatever comes their way and they endorsed Schalke 8-0 in a game where they could fall 3 or 4 easier. They have lost Thiago but I don’t see him as important for their starting eleven either (he played the Champions League final phase but would have been a substitute if Pavard had been in full condition) and Alaba with the renewal problems he is creating (this is already more important ) and have beaten a great player like Leroy Sane. In this meeting they already presented an eleven guy who will play the Super Cup except Lucas for Davies since the young Canadian did not play, making it clear that everyone is still in top form.

Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla will be the rival in this grand final. A team that is going to make things difficult for the Bavarians and with experience in these games. I see them as a great team but I think they have little to do against the German giant for various reasons. In the first place, because against large teams such as United or Inter we saw how the game was played more for efficiency than for superiority (especially against United where the English failed everything and De Jong got his). Also the low level of Diego Carlos until the very dominant and imposing central date where the deficiencies were seen and put his teams in many complications with 3 penalties in the quarterfinals, semis and final. Facing the best center forward in the world will not be easy for him. Unlike Kounde who is stellar, also comment it.

Another important aspect are 2 very sensitive casualties such as Ever Banega and Reguilon. The first is the cornerstone of the team. If he wants to play, Sevilla will create chances. One of those footballers with a different flair and talent. Rakitic has come, who is a high level player but more off-road, and Oscar Rodríguez, who is more a hitter than a creator. Reguilon was a dagger on the left wing and with great importance both offensively and defensively. Acuña has come but I don’t think he can get in tune in time since he has only been training for a few sessions and has played 10 minutes with the elastic Sevilla player. I suppose Escudero will start and I don’t see him stopping Gnabry or Sané for a long time. Sevilla does not have much preparation either with only 2 preseason games and 2 victories 3-2 vs Levante and 2-1 vs Athletic.

Therefore, I think that the German team is the great favorite to win the game due to the enormous moment of form and the level of the squad that it has against a Sevilla that has been losing that great defensive strength during the season and now they have just started and with something less in form could receive a few of the devastating that comes to him.

© Andrey

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