NBA Predictions Statistics (Past NBA Results)

NBA Picks StatsSee our NBA (Basketball) picks history and realize for yourself that our NBA experts team are doing a very good job in analyzing the free and paid NBA picks that we share on

Our NBA picks are a constant profit source for whoever is betting on what games we predict from NBA. Review our basketball picks from the past months by clicking on the link below. Our NBA prediction stats include the number of tips, the total profit as well as the overall winning percentage.


**NBA BETTING STATS, December 2015
1.12.2015Brooklyn Nets – Phoenix Suns21.65$100-$100lost
2.12.2015Detroit Pistons – Phoenix Suns11.60$100+$60won
3.12.2015Sacramento Kings – Boston Celtics21.90$100+$90won
4.12.2015Dallas Mavericks – Houston Rockets11.50$100-$100lost
5.12.2015Los Angeles Clippers – Orlando Magic11.70$100+$70won
6.12.2015Memphis Grizzlies – Phoenix Suns11.45$100+$45won
7.12.2015Oklahoma City Thunder – Sacramento Kings11.30$100+$30won
8.12.2015New Orleans Pelicans – Boston Celtics22.00$100+$100won
9.12.2015Sacramento Kings – Utah Jazz11.80$100+$80won
10.12.2015Phoenix Suns – Orlando Magic11.55$100+$55won
11.12.2015Chicago Bulls – Los Angeles Clippers11.90$100+$90won
12.12.2015Pheonix Suns – Portland Trail Blazzers11.60$100-$60lost
13.12.2015Phoenix Suns – Minnesota Timberwolves11.50$100+$50won
14.12.2015Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns11.60$100+$60won
15.12.2015Sacramento Kings – Houston Rockets11.80$100+$80won
16.12.2015Chicago Bulls – Memphis Grizzlies11.65$100+$65won
17.12.2015Cleveland Cavaliers – Oklahoma City Thunder11.65$100+$65won
18.12.2015Chicago Bulls – Detroit Pistons11.60$100-$100lost
19.12.2015Memphis Grizzlies – Indiana Pacers11.90$100+$90won
20.12.2015Miami Heat – Portland Trail Blazzers11.45$100+$45won
21.12.2015Utah Jazz – Pheonix Suns11.55$100+$55won
22.12.2015Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics21.55$100-$100lost
23.12.2015Miami Heat – Detroit Pistons11.65$100-$100lost
25.12.2015Miami Heat – New Orleans Pelicans11.45$100+$45won
26.12.2015Houston Rockets – San Antonio Spurs21.40$100-$100lost
28.12.2015Chicago Bulls – Toronto Raptors11.80$100+$80won
29.12.2015Houston Rockets – Atlanta Hawks11.80$100-$100lost
Number of predictions: 27 won Profit: +$455 won Winning percentage: 70.37% won

**NBA BETTING STATS, November 2015
11.11.2015Toronto Raptors – New York Knicks23.70$100+$270won
12.11.2015Sacramento Kings – Detroit Pistons12.10$100+$120won
13.11.2015Pheonix Suns – Los Angeles Clippers12.15$100+$115won
14.11.2015Boston Celtics – Atlanta Hawks11.95$100+$95won
15.11.2015Atlanta Hawks – Utah Jazz11.60$100-$100lost
16.11.2015Los Angeles Lakers – Detroit Pistons21.60$100-$100lost
17.11.2015New Tork Knicks – Charlotte Hornets11.96$100+$96won
18.11.2015Atlanta Hawks – Sacramento Kings11.60$100+$60won
19.11.2015Miami Heat – Sacramento Kings11.35$100+$35won
20.11.2015Memphis Grizzlies – Houston Rockets11.50$100+$50won
21.11.2015Orlando Magic – Sacramento Kings11.50$100-$100lost
22.11.2015Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics21.55$100-$100lost
23.11.2015Miami Heat – New York Knicks11.45$100+$45won
24.11.2015Portland Trail Blazzers – Chicago Bulls21.60$100+$60won
25.11.2015Pheonix Suns – New Orleans Pelicans11.55$100-$100lost
26.11.2015Los Angeles Clippers – Utah Jazz11.50$100-$100lost
27.11.2015Indiana Pacers – Chicago Bulls11.80$100+$80won
28.11.2015Utah Jazz – New Orleans Pelicans11.50$100+$50won
29.11.2015Charlotte Hornets – Millwaukee Bucks11.50$100+$50won
30.11.2015Chicago Bulls – San Antonio Spurs11.65$100-$100lost
Number of predictions: 20 won Profit: +$426 won Winning percentage: 65.00% won

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