Soccer Odds Comparison

scorecard1Find the best betting lines can become a headache. Professional gamblers know how important it is to find betting lines that are in your favor and not against. It is a tedious but beneficial process for higher profits.

All bookmakers, or almost all, offer different types of betting lines. These lines are known as betting odds. It is said that the odds are in your favor when betting lines are lower than those of other bookmaker. Bookmakers are almost always agree with the betting lines but occasionally offer different odds to go against competition.

The process of finding low lines can be tedious and time consuming but once the method is well known taking all bets will be very easy. Bettors have mostly 2 or 3 favorite bookmakers to search the betting lines and choose. Our favorite bookmakers we always recommend are: Bet365, Redbet and Unibet.

The bookmakers do not want to lose money. The low lines are a rich treasure for professional bettors. Novice bettors should learn how the lines will help them to improve profits in short and medium term.

Before you start comparing the odds we recommend you join our three favorite bookmakers with the best odds:

1. Bet365
2. Redbet
3. Unibet

You need to use the same bookmakers as we do in 007SoccerPicks to follow our example to the letter and not miss any opportunity with the odds.


How to compare the odds?

The odds are compared looking for 2 or 3 odds providers or bookmakers. The selected bookmakers must have sports betting and all betting options that are needed. It is best to use our favorite combination with Bet365, Redbet and Unibet. The three mentioned above are not only our favorite sportsbooks combination, they are the most wanted bookmakers to make odds comparisons in the betting world.

The difference between the betting lines may be minimal but it guarantee more profits. Novice bettors do not see the importance of comparing odds. They just do not care and do not know that they are making a very serious mistake. A clear example of how bettors benefit comparing the odds is as follows:

We have 3 bookmakers with 3 different odds for the same party:

Bet365 offer 1.37 for FC Barcelona against Real Betis
Redbet provides 1.39 for FC Barcelona against Real Betis
Unibet offers 1.36 for FC Barcelona against Real Betis

If you can realize the best odds are with Redbet. The bookmaker is offering 1.39 for FC Barcelona to win the soccer game. A bet of $ 100 will leave a profit of $ 39. The difference with the other sportsbooks is $3-$2, an amount of money that can be used to buy a cup of coffee or a beer. We should not leave anything to the bookmakers side. Always take any advantage you can with comparing the soccer odds.

How important it is to compare the odds?

These small amounts of money obtained through comparing odds are needed to grow our bankroll. Every penny counts, no matter how small the amount is.

Comparing odds is like going shopping for the best deal. It is important to take the best money offers as it does with anything else. If you find the best odds you have to take them to invest money correctly while betting. Lower lines is equal to high profits.

Remember to make better comparisons. You must use our selection of bookmakers.


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