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Jan 29, 2017


Phoenix Suns – Denver Nuggets PREDICTION

    Phoenix Suns (15th place in the Western Conference)

    It is obvious to everyone that band from Arizona is on the rise. Now the place in the ranking does not reflect the quality of the lot available to Earl Watson. Even if it comes after two consecutive defeats, the Suns start slowly, slowly put more emphasis on its strengths and to work as a team.

    Phoenix has produced two big surprises in recent weeks, imposing both in front of the San Antonio Spurs, and in dispute with the Raptors. It’s not easy to beat them away from home on bands occupying 2nd place in the conferences they belong, especially because both groups have evolved in these disputes without having to face any notable absence.

    Recent defeats have a special story, especially the one in dispute with Wolves (111-112). Bledsoe & co. leading by 6 seconds before finally throwing incredible but Andrew Wiggins made the Suns lose at buzzer beater somewhat undeserved.

    All the big teams have a duo that make the difference in terms of coaching. You can not exceed a certain limit if you have one piece of high quality (cases of the Thunder, Pelicans, Kings and Rockets even). Well, lucky Suns declare that he is composed of Eric Bledsoe lot and Devin Booker, two basketball players who start to work increasingly better together and marking steady 40-50 points.

    Of course, there are obvious gaps that Arizona coaching staff has to solve quickly. First, it has increased efficiency defense. Secondly, it needs a greater incisiveness in the paint. Suns seems somewhat strange that suffer from this point of view given that rely on Tyson Chandler or P.J. Tucker, two players who theoretically should put opponents big problems “in the paint”.

    Denver Nuggets (8th in the Western Conference)

    Colorado experienced group of about the same obstacles and opponents of the night. Despite the fact that it has a lot very interesting with players able to pierce easily chimney into the Nuggets paid numerous occasions for inattention and sometimes tried to do something that does not fold on the essential traits of basketball in the consignment team. Malone has resolved the problems with time, and that made the band from Denver currently occupy the last position allowing access to the play-off.

    During succeeded lately was due largely Sarbului Nikola Jokic. Athlete only 21 years slowly turn into a true follower of DeMarcus Cousins. It is not just a typical pivot which is limited to the successful sub panel, but is able to kick the ball into the basket from all sides: mid-range, free 3 points. “Its developments are from another planet. He’s the best player we have, “was the statement by Will Barton’s shooting Nuggets Guard.


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