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Mar 05, 2017


Phoenix Suns – Boston Celtics PREDICTION

    Phoenix Suns – Boston Celtics

    Phoenix Suns (15th place in the Western Conference)

    All he managed the band from Arizona this season was to catch occasionally a number of positive outcomes have passed with which the status of “red lantern” by the Lakers. Both. Shortcomings of previous seasons still not resolved. There are still divergences between certain players, defensive works almost not at all (the second worst defense in the NBA with an average of 112.5 points received) and the rotations are not very inspired.

    P.J. Tucker is the first big name who left the ship in the campaign ahead, by choosing the All-Star break to move to Toronto. So the Suns no longer rely far no one of the few players who were performing at a high level in defense.

    The combination of Devin Booker and Eric Bledsoe is the only positive that can highlight where the band Phoenix. The two have produced throughout the season on the offensive phase impressive numbers, but not enough. In addition, Devin is still very young (20 years), so that’s not very constant.

    Suns comes after two wins, but fans of “Talking Stick Resort Arena” would be very hard to get excited. One of them was taken against the group in Charlotte, a band out of shape (3 wins – 17 losses balance in the recent past) and the other against OKC, the band that played at that time from the position of back-to-back .

    Boston Celtics (2nd in Eastern Conference)

    Massachusetts band The story is completely different from that of the opponents of Arizona. He was on the podium of the conference part and even hope to occupy the first position at the end of the regular season. Proved after two rounds that can get this performance, beating LeBron James’s leaders (103-99). Meanwhile they won a game: 115-95 vs. Lakers in derby tradition of the first North American basketball leagues.

    Celtics managed to hold the top ranking even when not made available throughout the batch. Jae Crowder and Al Horford missed several matches in the off season and Avery Bradley was faced with a serious injury not allowed him to play basketball for two months. Now all available, and this was seen in parties above.

    Isaiah Thomas is the element that makes the Celtics to be a very good team with a good chance at winning the title even supreme. Little point guard is the second best scorer in the NBA (an average of 29.4 points scored per game).

    Reigning champions the Cavs decided to rest important players with fewer hours ago, losing categorically dispute with the Heat. Their decision in the present context is a little strange, but it’s understandable (LeBron’s not the first youth). In these circumstances, the Boston band can approach only half a victory and leadership!


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