Memphis Grizzlies – San Antonio Spurs PREDICTION & LIVE STREAM


Memphis Grizzlies

– vs –

San Antonio Spurs


Apr 18, 2017


Memphis Grizzlies – San Antonio Spurs PREDICTION

    Memphis Grizzlies – San Antonio Spurs

    The first two of the two had somewhat different courses, but with a similar ending. Grizzlies started the first game, scoring 22 of the first 31 points. Their advance dropped gradually, because at the Spurs break to lead the game with two points. The home team eventually won a comfortable victory. In the second match, San Antonio led at some point even with 26 points, before Grizzlies returned to just four points behind her. The final came from Spurs. Grizzlies plays this night on his own. Victoria is mandatory if Memphis wants to keep hopes in this series.

    But the host team does not seem to be able to hold the winner of the South West division. Grizzlies may have a good series, but maintain a high level of play across all four-quarters seems beyond the reach of this team

    Direct meetings

    Grizzlies lost the first two games to 29 and 14 points respectively. The host team will try to motivate, remembering the victories won at Spurs matches in the regular season, but that may not be enough.


    Normally, if he had any chance of winning a match in this series, then the victory should come tonight for Memphis. This seems rather unlikely. The host team should play better in front of their fans and contribute much of the points scored this night. We should see over 178 points, but Spurs is in my opinion the team that will win the match, thus leading the score to 3-0.


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