Detroit Pistons – Portland Trail Blazers PREDICTION & LIVE STREAM


Detroit Pistons

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Mar 01, 2017


Detroit Pistons – Portland Trail Blazers PREDICTION

    Detroit Pistons – Portland Trail Blazers

    Detroit Pistons (8th in Eastern Conference)

    Grouping of Michigan constantly looked after. Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks and Hornets even blow them in the neck Van Gundy’s people. Thus the latest leading position in the play-offs is highly disputed. No room for too many mistakes, and the Pistons showed lately that knows that, before imposing the lowest-ranked teams.

    February was a good one for the band “Motor City”. No excelled, losing matches with opponents generally considered to be better (Spurs, Celtics, Pacers), but has done his job when he met with groups score lower. Consequently, it lies on top of the standings, but the great battles just ahead.

    Band from Detroit has the best defense in the East, but it has the second worst attack. Sure, offensive figures were spoiled little in recent rounds and style that meet opposition was based either on a good organization or elaborate on attacks that eat early. However, things should look a little better in this regard. May! People’s Van Gundy have been found to be very productive on the offensive, as happened in mid-January until the second half of February, when the Pistons had an average incredible almost 115 points scored on their parquet.

    Since the Blazers is a band with a permissive defense, but easily found the way to the basket side, started by Reggie Jackson must work at full capacity in a few hours scheduled game.

    Portland Trail Blazers (10th place in the Western Conference)

    Terry Stotts band also has concerns play-off, but not from the perspective pursuer, but the pursuers. It is very close to the important place in August, currently occupied by the Nuggets. But not only band from Colorado is an obstacle for the Blazers, but Kings, Wolves, Pelicans and Mavericks.

    Lillard, McCollum and company produce good numbers on the offensive phase, with a general average of over 103 points scored per game. What pulls down team is defense, Portland receiving constant over the barrier of 110. It has tried throughout the season a different approach. Ba were made many changes in the formula home was reduced tempo ba, ba increasing aggressiveness was tried, but nothing worked. Basketball players who alctatuiesc band group in Oregon are made for the attack. Moreover, Damian is the seventh best scorer in the NBA, and CJ ranked 18th in the ranking.

    With only two victories recorded in the last eight stages, the Blazers could not take advantage of the missteps made by the Nuggets and Kings. Consequently, the race for play-off was tight and more, six teams fighting chances about equal, which is why Portland must put more emphasis on its strength (offensive) in the final regular-season if he wants to achieve the objectives.


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