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Mar 04, 2017


Atlanta Hawks – Cleveland Cavaliers PREDICTION

    Atlanta Hawks – Cleveland Cavaliers

    Atlanta Hawks (5th place in the Eastern Conference)

    Grouping of Georgia is the kind of team able to make any memorable matches against top opponent, but can equally well be humiliated by bands located in the bottom of the charts.

    The last stages perfectly describe the story of the Hawks in the current season. They lost categorically against a Clippers Could not based on that game on its best player, because shortly receive a basketball lesson from the penultimate ranked (86-105 vs. Orlando Magic). What followed? An evolution enthusiasm duel with Celtics (2nd in the East) with easy win 114-98.

    Hawks game that has played a Texan against the Mavs after two days was very intense. Although at one point had a lead of 12 night, his students were seen Budenholzer equalized a few minutes before the end. Eventually they managed to win (100-95), mainly due Ersan Ilyasova’s effectiveness, the player recently acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers.

    It is hard to say whether Hawks is a team really good or if it received a favorable context to climb to fifth place in the East. Sure, players brawl is composed value (Millsap, Howard, Schroder), but is very inconsistent in developments.

    Cleveland Cavaliers (1st in Eastern Conference)

    Things got complicated loud enough for the Cavs after the defeat in the previous round on the parquet of Boston (99-104). Celtics was so close just three wins away and begin to tremble champions for leadership.

    It matters very much what place regular season finish. The advantage of their arena has been shown to be critical in most cases. Thus, if the Celtics will take leadership chair at the end, would benefit from this very possible advantage in a final conference with the Cavaliers; Brad Stevens and his students proved after two days they can triumph over defending champions along with the fans.

    LeBron James & co. had a very good February, losing only two matches of 11. Very efficient on the offensive, especially in remote throws, Knights seemed to not be being caught up. Unfortunately for them, the Celtics and Wizards had begun to turn a fabulous year.

    The most important issue that confronts Lue and staff or is related to homogeneity. Smith and Love’s injuries forced them to shift a few players that complete the lot. The most important name is Deron Williams brought in Ohio, a highly experienced point guard in the NBA. However, the match was seen playing with the Celtics relationships are still suffering. Incidentally, including Deron acknowledged that there is currently some gaps, declaring the end of the dispute in Massachusetts: “I need a few days to accommodate me, but not many. It’s easy to work with a group that includes basketball players like LeBron or Kyrie “.

    Cavs hardly longer afford to make missteps. At least, not in front of the main pursuer in the East. The two setbacks suffered in the last three rounds of the Cleveland group undertakes to submit to night every effort to get a crucial success


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