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Barcelona vs Real Madrid Prediction and Preview

Goal Prediction:
OVER 2.5 goals

Visitors Prediction for Barcelona – Real Madrid

Very good gentlemen! We go with a party of the Santander League, the party that everyone expects in which the two best teams in the world will look the faces, a Barcelona-Real Madrid.

The Catalans come to this game with more needs to win than the Realists. Those of Luis Enrique are below Real Madrid in the classification, and if they want to avoid that they escape even more, they must win this party yes or yes. If they win, they would get close enough to the meringues and would turn to the headlines of “Hay liga”. In addition, they play at the Camp Nou against their fans, and will want to avenge last year’s league game in which they lost by 1-2 and Real Madrid with one less.

For this match the focus will be on the two figures of the two teams: Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Both, along with Luis Suárez, are immersed in the fight for the pichichi and the Golden Boot. Both the Portuguese and the Argentine, arrive in an excellent form to the most important party of the year. Cristiano has gone from less to more in the season, doing great scoring performances, highlighting the hat-trick against in the Madrid derby against Atletico. For his part, Messi has remained at a very high level since the beginning of the season. Despite having suffered an injury that took him away from the field for almost 1 month, nothing slows the Argentine who does not give up the Golden Ball this year.

Whites come to the Classic in a difficult way to improve. After more than 3 months of competition, Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane has not lost any game in any competition. This leads him to be one of the few undefeated teams in the major European leagues, virtually the only one. With such numbers, it is normal for the meringues to be leaders in the classification, so they could even afford to lose the Classic and continue to lead another day. However, I doubt that is the thought of the white orbit, because a Classic is a special party, almost a final, and you always want to win regardless of the situation of both teams.

It seems an incredible Classic looking at the situation in which both teams arrive. However, I do not like to play a game for these games, but I’ll go with that “Mark Both”. They are the two teams with the greatest offensive potential in the world, of that there is no doubt, because rare is the game in which neither of them score. On the other hand, if on the offensive side can not be better, quite the opposite can be said of the defensive zone, where both teams are receiving goals often.

Real Madrid has conceded goal in the great part of its parties this campaign. The whites have played 20 games so far this season counting all the competitions and have only left their goal to zero in four of them, against Atletico Madrid, against Leganés, against Espanyol and against Real Sociedad. They have scored goal teams such as Legia Warsaw, Cultural Leonesa or Sporting himself the last day at the Bernabeu, which shows a significant defensive weakness.

However, it should also be noted that Zinedine Zidane’s team scored in all 20 games of the season. For their part, the Catalans have scored in all games of the season except one, which was precisely their last match at the Camp Nou against Malaga in a game in which the Catalans threw 29 times, drew 15 cornes and had the 81% of possession, which was a miracle that the Barcelonists did not score a goal or more.

Finally, show you the results of the last classics in the feat culé, to see in how many would mark both teams:

02/04/16 – Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
03/22/15 – Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid
04/16/14 – Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
10/26/13 – Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid
26/02/13 – Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid
07/10/12 – Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid
23/08/12 – Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid
04/21/12 – Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid
1/25/12 – Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid
17/08/11 – Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid

In the last ten Barcelona-Real Madrid, we would have this bet as a win in all, so I’m going to go with this bet for this match, and I give him a fair chance of being.

Luck to whoever follows it!

© Andreww – from Belgium

Visitors Prediction for Barcelona – Real Madrid

Week of the classic interesting week where you are half world to see what the two Spanish football Giants do, they are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid a match that will be at the Camp Nou.

El Barca according to the bookmakers is the favorite, since it plays at home but ami doubts me, is not the same boat triplet with Luis Enrique, I do not mean the MSN that although they have lowered the level a little are players outside Of series and although they do not appear in the whole party with a genius you can decide a match, I mean the defensive line, last years the boat was strong up but also it was a bolt back and this year gives me ami that I do not think it Same, that in thirteen day that we have until the date the Barca has 14 goals against already it seems to me too, leaves to a goal by fit party, the defensive line has been seen with the injury of Pique and that now drags annoyances and not Is at his top level, Umtiti continues with physical problems just like Mathieu, Jordi Alba is already with the team but he still has to pick up pace and throughout the whole I see the boat a little weaker than other years or other classics, lacking Clarity in the game a thing that other years were unthinkable that we could say.

Real Madrid arrive as the leader of this league Santander and a little more reinforced after the last stumbles of the boat with Malaga and Real Sociedad that make it difference from two points before the derby to reach the match of the Camp Nou 6 points up, The targets that have not yet lost in any competition and that together with Zidane leads a whopping 31 games without losing go to the Camp Nou full of morality very different from the last visit of the whites to territory cule where everyone was favored To those of Luis Enrique and the Madrid finished taking the party by 1-2. The Madrid by game neither is that it comes much superior to the Barca although in the great parties that had against Dormund and Atleti it has seen a good game, I see That they play a little more in team there is not as much individuality as other years, I do not refer to Christian but to that the whole team defends and does not break, to see the Portuguese going down to defend was something unthinkable and man like Isco also, Madrid is structured better and that with a team like the boat and against with the MSN can help you a lot to get something out of there, unlike other years Madrid arrive with fewer goals than the boat 11 and with the Atleti and Villareal Are the less thrashed of the league, in the scorer section are the team that has more goals 36 to date 3 more than its rivals, currently with only a draw as a visitor being also the best visitor of the league Santander.

I hope that I have served my forecast so that you follow, or ideas to do something similar I trusted the X2 that is very well paid and can be given, besides Madrid would still be with the record of games without losing and that means That does not lose points in the classification, good luck tipser and hopefully it is a great match.

© Costas – from Greece

Visitors Prediction for Barcelona – Real Madrid

Very good, we go with the Classic. For this match I go with the over 2.5, you pay very little but I think it is a bet that you should leave with relative ease, and more watching the last matches of both.

The Barcelona arrives in a mini game crisis, to call it somehow. He is no longer the same Barcelona of previous years with Luis Enrique, and much less the one of Guardiola. Many players are badly in shape, Sergi Roberto is not even half of who started the season, Mascherano is not even to play with the veterans Barça, injured Umtiti; Busquets and Rakitic do not have the physical skills to put up a half-field, which means they do not help defending the top three, Iniesta’s injury. And if you add to all these things the “attitude” as he said last night Piqué A team that takes their matches for details, and if he takes them out. Before Real Sociedad had to have lost, the Barcelona only played 25 minutes, the rest all dominion of Real. Before the Málaga created occasions but no game, everything very slow and predictable, also was not Messi to make one of his. Against Sevilla, if not for Messi, they lose, those of Nervión passed them over with intensity and game. Against the City they did good 25 minutes in the first part, the rest of the game and especially the second part was absolute dominion of the Guardiola. In front of the Granada more of the same as against the Malaga, much dominion, less occasions but no game of fluid. This has been the month of a Barcelona that arrives at the classic with many doubts, to 6 points of the ones of Zidane, with Piqué saving to the equipment and with a decisive Messi when it pleases to him.

Madrid on the other hand, in terms of game does not get much better but there still maintains the 31 games without losing of Zidane. Before the Sporting were let go, and in the end almost takes their toll. It is true that against Atletico made a partidazo, in the first part did not give any option to the Cholo, did not put Keizo in trouble and Isco was the owner of the field. The first 15-20 minutes of the second half the mattresses woke up and seemed closer to the draw but nothing further from reality.

A lack of good play is the strike, Cristiano is again in a rush and Isco has taken a step forward in the game of Madrid. The low of Bale is going to be complicated to replace even though he is going to play Lucas, someone so to speak of his style, fast, with work back and essential for the cons. I think that against Barcelona will have enough time the ball, the Blaugrana are having trouble recovering the ball if the top three do not work, as we saw before Real.

As for previous results, have 9 classics in a row scoring three or more goals, so put all the games they have played and other seems silly. In addition in such games, statistics do not matter, they are another environment, another attitude, they are a thousand things.

Let’s go for the green !!!

© Enrique78 – from Spain

Barcelona and Real Madrid will be face to face this Saturday in La Liga at 15:15 so try not to miss it.


Barcelona is ranked on the 2nd place in the standings with 27 points, 33 goals scored and 14 goals received in the last 13 league matches. They have failed to win 2 of their last 13 matches in La Liga.In their last match they draw against Sociedad. Barcelona is in a good form before this meeting with Real Madrid.
The attacking skills of Barcelona are decent, they won 3 matches from the last 5 played.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid are ranked on the 1st place in the standings with 33 points, 36 goals scored and 11 goals received this season in La Liga.In their last match they won against Sp Gijon. Real Madrid has an excellent form, they are undefeated in their last 5 matchesis in a good form before this meeting with Barcelona.
The attacking skills of Real Madrid are impressive, they managed to win their last 5 matches played in La Liga. They are going to score in this meeting for sure!

Goal Prediction:
OVER 2.5 goals

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