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Game between France and Ireland.

The prediction is that the Frenchmen win for more than one goal. If they do it for the minim, void bet.

Well, so also I am going to go with the logic in this prediction. For me, the game most unbalanced of all the eighth ones of end.

The hostess and maximum favorite France faces an Irish invited last-minute selection the holiday of the eighth ones of end.

Ireland has happened like third from group thanks to his victory in the last sigh before an Italy that one was playing nothing in the game. It was not played at all and perfectly they could have taken three points since they have belonged superior enough to the Irishes. Also Ireland obtained a tie in his début before the worst Sweden that is remembered in a lot of time. The good Belgian selection made him 3-0 demonstrating the real difference between both set squares. Four puntitos and to eighth.

France is not either that it has demonstrated great thing up to the moment. But it plays his Euro 2016 and to begin already it has in eighth the best of his rivals. In his début it won with more a sorrow that glory to Romania (better enough than Ireland) and then to the weak Albania also suffering in excess partly for the audacity of the trainer of stopping in the bench to his two figures. Already classified, it dozed in the boring one 0-0 before the Swisses giving rest to some holder.

I cannot imagine another thing that a comfortable French victory. The list of players includes figures of an authentic world top like Pogba (sea the numbers of his possible signing) or Griezman. Besides players of confirmed quality as the doorman Lloris, the defensas Evra or Rami or the Koscielni, Matuidi, Giroud or the emergent Payet.

I see Ireland as other one of the selections that already have obtained his better achievement in this competition and that in spite of the fact that the lazy image has not been very good, since successful it is necessary to qualify his participation whatever happens in this one game.

Let’s remember that with a minimal French victory we do not lose money. Since in the case Englishman, any other thing would be an authentic sorpresón. Neither to the nor, extension certainly, to the Irish victory I grant almost some possibility to them.

Stake 3.

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LIVE Comments for France vs. Ireland

Stake 1,5

A priori one of eliminating more desiguladas. Una Francia who got with comfort (though it might have been everything opposite without these Payet’s last goals before Romania and Albania) against an Ireland that has been the last one to achieve the pass.

France must win, it is obvious, but in addition with the minimal wear. This is, two early goals, to rotating and to resting with the ball and with a pace of low game. And this is like that because later they should play before England (except that the Icelanders give the sorpresón), and in semis against Italy / Italia/España/Alemania Italia/España/Alemania. Almost at all, as I say there is not convenient for them a game disputed up to the last minute, any gram of energy that lose they can pay it.

It has very much physical Francia, very much, with Kanté, Matuidi or Pogba, which contribute arrival and uprightness. And then quality with Payet and Griezmann. They lack goal, Giroud is not at the level of his companions and Gignac does not improve him either. And Benzema and Gameiro, in some beach nice and cool and rested… But good, they continue having great arrival of the second line, with the mentioned ones, more Eat them or Martial from the bench.

Ireland, little. More or less solid defense, and stopped ball. It them has given it with to win to an Italy that was not playing nothing at all, and to tie in the first day before Sweden. Between averages, 3-0 before Belgium in that they demonstrated that if they go behind in the scoreboard, they are fragile and leave many spaces. And if there is some selection that attacks well the spaces, this it is France, if they advance relatively early the second one it should be a question of time.

© Jorge – from Spain

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