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I do not deal about that they think to put this line, which seems to me to be totally absurd. Let’s see, pongámonos in situation. Croatia has annotated up to the moment 5 goals. 1 to Turkey, 2 to R. It checks and 2 to Spain. 5 goals, and we need other 5 to lose the bet. To say that the goals in the extension count and that the bet is in EC-Team Especial.

Now then, they have put a line as if Croatia had a red carpet until the final … and it is not like that, far from it. Eighth before Portugal, quarters before Swiss / Poland and semis before Belgium / Bélgica/Hungría/Gales/Irlanda / Bélgica/Hungría/Gales/Irlanda Bélgica/Hungría/Gales/Irlanda of the North. And of coming to the final, so Spain, Italy, France or England in the horizon.

Evidently of coming to the final, the most probable thing would be that we were doing of red, though it would not also be impossible to paint her of green. If in the final we put that they were remaining without marking, we would need 4 goals in 3 games, which being already to everything or at all(nothing), which the teams are in the habit of protecting very much, would not be crazy.

Now then, if Croatia falls down in eighth or in quarters, we paint the bet of green almost with total safety. Before Portugal, for evil that the lusos are, it is not going to be a simple game. Ronaldo has started today working, and as soon as Portugal has overcome a very awkward situation, it is possible to come above. In case of falling down in eighth, the bet would be done, they are not going to lose marking 5 goals.

In quarters they would go against Switzerland or Poland. Switzerland has fitted an alone goal, and of absurd penalty, and Poland none, not at least before Germany. Here Croatia would return to be lightly favorite, but not much less like to win for beating. Let’s put that they win and get in semis. Let’s put that 1-0 have won Portugal and 2-1 to Poland / Swiss. We would continue having a margin of two goals.

Already in semis Belgium would wait for them probably. The Belgians do not convince too much, but player as player they have an team that scares, surely just now the principal candidates for doing end. Here I wait for a game for few goals, a Croatian elimination us would come very well.

Definitively, has great team Croatia? Evident. Man for man, and as group. Perisic, Brozovic, Rakitic, Modric or Mandzukic, and already we have seen that the players of bench contribute. Can they come to semis or even to the final? Certainly. Now then, they do not also have any crossing a priori simple (except that Northern Ireland was giving the ring and they were standing firm in semis. Portugal, Swiss / Poland and Belgium are rivals of category and that are going to sell very expensive his defeat, I wait divided to few goals. They do not have in a royal horizon any he surveys in sweet is that there is some team like that in competition since it might manage to be Iceland or Northern Ireland.

Already I say, if Croatia falls down in eighth or in quarters the bet would be done, and this bet is paid slightly worse than the pass of Portugal … it looks like to me a quota with many value, and as such I expose it here, though probably someone comes to complain later

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LIVE Comments for Croatia vs. Portugal

Game of eighth between the surprising Croatia and disappointing Portugal.

The truth is that is no the conceited one the quota when I have seen her, Croatia already not only for the game before Spain, is doing a fantastic Euroglass and they are serious candidates to come to the final for my taste. With the exception of the crafty woman that they had in the game before the Rep. It checks where the interruption for the launch of flares I leave them a bit out of the game, Croatia has come making a good enough game defensive and offensively.

If to this we add the exceptional condition of form in that estan, and that can change key pieces as modric and kovacic without the team notices it since already one saw before Spain, I think that they are serious candidates for happening from round.

Portugal for your part comes like 3 º without having gained an alone game, after having faced to austria, islandia and hungria and after join all the games, selections that exist sorpendido pleasingly, but that not estan to the level to be sincere.

Neither it is that esten very fresh physically the Portuguese, who play already again on Saturday and they are going to have one day less of rest that Croatia, which since already I have said is reserved by me to several holders.

If Croatia manages to annul Ronaldo and Nani that I think that it is not very difficult because the ronaldo of the selection is not that of the madrid, it happens to him like to Messi this game it removes of street Croatia.

Just in case we cover with tie not I validate, doubt much that this quota remains as is even before the game, it is mas that probable that it( goes down to the 1.66 or surroundings.

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