Tenerife – Levante Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (20.05.2017)


Prediction for Tenerife – Levante

Brand Levante @ 1.72

Odds of 1X2 undoubtedly conditioned by the fact that Levante is already first and is virtually champion of the category waiting to get a point or that Girona does not win one of the four remaining games.


Logically Tenerife is the favorite, so it is played and for being a very strong local having won more than half of their matches. However, the odds commented on have influenced that the goal of the Levant is paid well and is not something far-fetched.
We must remember on the one hand that Roger is still in contention for the pichichi (only takes a goal advantage to both Joselu and Angel who is stepping strong) and that the victories of the Levant, from here to end of season, are paid with a first Of € 100,000 and the tie to the succulent figure € 70,000. Serious enough even to think of a handicap +1 on the granota side.

But the uncertainty of the attitude that will come a team that has already won everything is a real unknown and can be carried away in some phases of the game, however, the option of goal should not be ruled out, not only by the pichichi in Game (and what Roger is sure to play) but because after all it has a very good set of players for the category. They have not gotten the numbers they have by chance and they have gotten goals in really complicated fields throughout the season.

Also we could give the information that Raúl Fernández has lost the Zamora (current Edgar Badia of Reus) and we could not rule out that the Levante comes out to lock itself, in which case, if the Tenerife with the tight one that is the part of above, rises in search Of the goal, we could see some against of fast players like Montañés (that aims), Jason or Morales. And we must not forget that the Levante is a team that closes very well, that brings together the lines and that makes the rivals shoot little. So this should not.


In short, it is clear the favoritism of Tenerife but we should not rule out a goal that can come at a discount, a corner, a foul, and finally a team that goes up as soon as it has something, Should be at these rates. A match that smells similar to the Lightning, and there marked the Levant, and in the first part enjoyed many occasions despite the rotations by festive hangover and last minute drops by gastrointestinal intoxication.

NOTE: I do not publish that bet because it is not allowed but the one who knows how to use a betting calculator, I think it is better bet, Levante marks more than 0.75 goals to share higher than 2. In bet365 it was achieved, for example, by dividing the two units of The bet like this:
Levante score more 1.5 goals, fee 5, stake 0.2
Levante score more 0.5 goals, share 1.72, stake 1,8

That way if Levante scores 1 goal, you win half the bet, if you score more than 1 you will win the whole.

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