Dep. La Coruna – Fuenlabrada PREDICTION (07.08.2020)


Dep. La Coruna – Fuenlabrada SOCCER PICKS

It may be the weirdest game in history, you all know the strange situation that was created with the suspension of the meeting and allowing the rest of the day.

In what spirit will a relegated team play, with lack of training, with players who have left and without any motivation? Surely for many of them it is a nuisance to appear at this meeting.
It is enough for Fuenlabrada to tie and although the motivation is totally opposite to that of Depor, what they have gone through is not that they arrive in the best of situations either.
I can’t imagine how a game like this could turn out, but perhaps the most logical thing is that it is a strange game and does not encourage goals to be seen.

If I were a player, would I propose a pachanga, overall, the Depor will take the judicial route and why are they going to put their legs if many of them were even on vacation?
I am not going to pull statistics because I think they will not guide me anywhere.
So this time I will be guided by the characteristics of the match.

It is about adding the minutes of the goals scored in the match not to exceed 124 minutes. The fact that the tie is valid for Fuenlabrada to play the playoffs goes well so that they do not have to go to score either and it would be normal for it to be a boring game.

It costs me a lot to think that an entertaining game with goals would come out because it would be to freak out.
Even so we have margin of error and I do not imagine either Fuenla going to pound, nor Depor playing hard to win.

Honestly, I am very out of place but I insist that I do not imagine a great game with goals.
I am going to test the line although I will keep the stake moderate just in case, I do not trust even my shadow.

© Andrey

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