Pescara – AS Roma Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (24.04.2017)


Prediction for Pescara – AS Roma

Rome and less than 4.5 goals @ 2.10

I am going with this last match of the Day 33 of Serie A of Italy. With 6 days to play, everything begins to become more tense, I believe in the victory of Rome without reaching the 5 goals for the following reasons:


– The last classified Pescara. Although not mathematically, if it is virtually in Serie B of Italy, since it needs to win 5 of the 6 remaining matches to be disputed, plus the combination of multiple results of the teams that are above them. No more is played in these 6 games that remain, the desire to score goals are no longer the same as those they had months ago, the discouragement detracts the quality of play of the team members, and obviously that is reflected In the marker.

– Worrying here is the number of goals, but analyzing in more detail the two teams, and comparing their results with rivals “similar” the quota for this match does not exceed the line of 4.5 goals is very valuable.

– Of the 32 parties that accumulate both teams (only counting Pescara local, and Rome visitor) in more than 90% their match have not reached 5 goals (As anyone might think, Pescara twice exceeded the line, And Rome only once)

– If we analyze the matches of Pescara vs the TOP 10 of the teams of Serie A, with only one team was able the result of exceeding the line. And now if we analyze the games of Rome versus the worst 10 of the league (UNDER 10) surprisingly in no occasion their matches against the worst finished in 5 goals or more. In fact in only one reached the 4 goals, all the others were under 3.5. As the last data Rome has the second most solid defense of the Serie A (overcome by Juventus) to which we could see a result similar to the last match that Pescara had against Juve (0: 2)

AS Roma

– Roma after falling in the semifinals against Lazio, have everything detached to concentrate on their league. With 6 games to play they could still think about overtaking Juve that takes them an advantage of 8 points. This match is crucial for those of Luciano Spalletti, as they expect a very difficult close, 3 games against strong opponents (Lazio, Milan and Juventus) If they want to have a chance to go for the title, after drawing against Atalanta The last day, can not let go more points. I hope Spalletti is smart, and dose the time on the court of their best players against a rival “lower level”

– For everything written, a fee higher than the par, I am made of tremendous value not to take advantage of it. It took them a long time to get this match, and I think they are making a mistake but they are very cannon in their line of goals.

© Andrey

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