Lazio – Juventus Prediction & Picks (07.12.2019)


Lazio – Juventus SOCCER PICKS

Very good guys, because on this occasion I want to jump for the victory of Juve, I know that it is soon and many things can happen until the celebration of the seasoning but I do not want to let that good quota pass and descend steeply.

After the puncture suffered on the last day, I think it is a good time to enter the juve and more to these odds, it is true that the Roman team has made a start of a fast-paced league, until reaching third place but that is where it comes from the jump of the other two teams that play a different league, inter and Juve are at very different levels from the rest of their league, they are really the teams to play the title, well outside this paragraph, we must recognize the great work d elos Romans at home has overwhelmingly won their meetings mostly by winners and very good results, especially the last 5 except for the tie against Atalanta at 3 and 1 before his eternal level Rome, the Roman team has revealed their shortcomings in a couple of games, but honestly, even if they lost only 1-0 against Inter and the various disasters that have delighted us in UEFA, they seriously believe me what this game can be, it is true that I don’t have There is nothing to do with the A series but it shows a lot of the level of this team and this league, I do not say it with a spirit of discrediting it but as I said before there are some steps below to inter and juve.

I honestly do not want to enter different statistics the best guarantee that Juve has is its staff, which is a real envy to have it and I think they will fulfill without problems, I doubt that Juve stumbles two consecutive days with the team he has and stops being leader in two weeks to be 4 points from the leader.

Well, that guys, my full confidence in the squad and cracks of Juve, in my opinion the evidence is clear regarding the templates, in addition to feeling weak, the defense of Lazio in Europe has completely disappointed me.

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