Lazio – Crotone PREDICTION & PREVIEW (08.01.2017)


Prediction for Lazio – Crotone

Very good gentlemen! Let’s go with a Serie A match between Lazio and Crotone.

Without making much noise, the Lazio is climbing positions in the classification little by little and the Romans and are already quarters to a point of the Naples that is third and to 4 of the Rome, its maximum rival. And is that Lazio is making some great games, especially at home, as they are making the Olympic Rome, a field that everyone is afraid to visit. It is true that they lost the Roman derby a few weeks ago precisely in this stadium, but a derby is a derby, and practically both teams are local in this stadium. My bet for this match is that Lazio win this match but also score more than 2.5 goals. So it is convenient to see the last games of Lazio in the Olympic:

18/12/16 – Lazio 3-1 Fiorentina
04/12/16 – Lazio 0-2 Roma
11/20/16 – Lazio 3-1 Genoa
10/30/16 – Lazio 2-1 Sassuolo
26/10/16 – Lazio 4-1 Cagliari

In the last 5 meetings, we would have this bet in 4 of them, a balance more than good. The only one who would not be against Roma, since he lost and neither were scored +2.5 goals. But let’s remember it’s a derby. In any case, we see that Lazio is an offensive team that scores goals, but also receives.

On the visiting side we have the penultimate Serie A runner-up, the newly promoted Crotone, a Serie A debut. There are teams that are not noticeable to debut in a category or who are newly promoted, but Crotone is not one of These teams, rather the opposite. The Crotone is having serious problems to face any team of the Italian first division and it costs him a world to scratch some point. In his stadium still plant some face and seems to have possibilities, but at home are a calamity. However, it is a team that is not afraid of attack, as it has little to lose, so in their games they get used to seeing goals. We will see in how many of Crotone’s home games, they score +2.5 goals and the Crotone loses:

18/12/16 – Udinese 2-0 Crotone
12/04/16 – Milan 2-1 Crotone
11/06/16 – Inter 3-0 Crotone
10/26/16 – Sassuolo 2-1 Crotone
02/10/16 – Cagliari 2-1 Crotone

The same as with Lazio. In 4 of the last 5 matches, our bet would come out. It would not go against Udinese, a team with problems facing the goal and that is not that their matches are characterized by being a monument to football

Therefore, it seems to me more than interesting this bet of Bwin of “Win Lazio and more 2.5 goals”, because I think that can leave with enough facility. In Luckia this bet is 1.57, for those who are interested.

Luck to whoever follows it!

© Andrey

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