Atalanta – Bologna PREDICTION (21.07.2020)


Atalanta – Bologna SOCCER PICKS

Italian Serie a match between Atalanta and Bologna in which I am going with the victory of Atalanta and that we will see less than 5 goals, Atalanta plays a lot and is that it can be second, third or fourth, and Bologna practically nothing, is In no man’s land, Atalanta is currently third in the Champions League position with 71 points while Bologna for its part is tenth with 43 points, a great difference in level between the two.

The true Atalanta is that two days ago it was 6-2 but of its last 6 games in that alone there have been less than 5 goals, also with so many games loaded it is time to get ahead on the scoreboard and save strength for what is coming .

Bologna for its part of its last 11 games in just one there have been 5 or more goals, curiously the previous one against Milan.

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