Italy Serie A Picks (Predictions & Betting Tips)

Serie A Picks

Italy one of the famous countries of the world soccer has one of the most prestigious and famous world leagues, the Serie A. Almost all the best players in the world have belonged to an Italian club before becoming famous worldwide. Serie A is a global benchmark in terms of soccer and history.

The history of this league goes back more than 117 years. Serie A was founded in 1898. This league is comprised of a total of 20 teams, among them are 3 of the best teams in the world which are: Juventus, Milan and Internazionale. These clubs are part of a group called the G-14, the most famous and prestigious clubs in Europe are part of this elite club.

The scudetto is the title won by the team with the most points won at the end of the season. There are 20 teams that will face in this competition at home and away to complete 38 games during the season. Teams finishing in the last 3 positions of the table will be sent to the second division of Italian soccer, known as Serie B. The team with the most titles is Juventus with 32 total titles.

  • Lazio vs Crotone BETTING TIPS / 08.01.2017 Lazio-Crotone

    Betting tips for Lazio vs Crotone

    Lazio is the first part of the season finished 4th in Serie A. They have played 18 games and won 34 points with goal difference 32:21. The last three rounds were won by six points. They won 1-2 at Sampdoria, then they beat Fiorentina 3-1, while in the last round with a 3-0 defeat away to Inter. On home ground Lazio has a ratio of 6-1-2 with goal difference 18: 8th Crotone is in the 19th place of the table, and are one of the teams that are struggling to stay. They have 9 points with a goal difference 14:32. In the past three rounds of Crotone has enrolled three points. They lost 2-1 at Milan, then they beat Pescara 2-1, while in the last round lost 2-0 away to Udinesesa. On the road have a ratio of 0-1-8 with goal difference 5:19.
    © Russel
  • Lazio – Crotone PREDICTION & PREVIEW (08.01.2017) Lazio-Crotone-preview

    Prediction for Lazio - Crotone

    Very good gentlemen! Let's go with a Serie A match between Lazio and Crotone.Without making much noise, the Lazio is climbing positions in the classification little by little and the Romans and are already quarters to a point of the Naples that is third and to 4 of the Rome, its maximum rival. And is that Lazio is making some great games, especially at home, as they are making the Olympic Rome, a field that everyone is afraid to visit. It is true that they lost the Roman derby a few weeks ago precisely in this stadium, but a derby is a derby, and practically both teams are local in this stadium. My bet for this match is that Lazio win this match but also score more than 2.5 goals. So it is convenient to see the last games of Lazio in the Olympic:18/12/16 - Lazio 3-1 Fiorentina 04/12/16 - Lazio 0-2 Roma 11/20/16 - Lazio 3-1 Genoa 10/30/16 - Lazio 2-1 Sassuolo 26/10/16 - Lazio 4-1 CagliariIn the last 5 meetings, we would have this bet in 4 of them, a balance more than good. The only one who would not be against Roma, since he lost and neither were scored +2.5 goals. But let's remember it's a derby. In any case, we see that Lazio is an offensive team that scores goals, but also receives.On the visiting side we have the penultimate Serie A runner-up, the newly promoted Crotone, a Serie A debut. There are teams that are not noticeable to debut in a category or who are newly promoted, but Crotone is not one of These teams, rather the opposite. The Crotone is having serious problems to face any team of the Italian first division and it costs him a world to scratch some point. In his stadium still plant some face and seems to have possibilities, but at home are a calamity. However, it is a team that is not afraid of attack, as it has little to lose, so in their games they get used to seeing goals. We will see in how many of Crotone's home games, they score +2.5 goals and the Crotone loses:18/12/16 - Udinese 2-0 Crotone 12/04/16 - Milan 2-1 Crotone 11/06/16 - Inter 3-0 Crotone 10/26/16 - Sassuolo 2-1 Crotone 02/10/16 - Cagliari 2-1 CrotoneThe same as with Lazio. In 4 of the last 5 matches, our bet would come out. It would not go against Udinese, a team with problems facing the goal and that is not that their matches are characterized by being a monument to footballTherefore, it seems to me more than interesting this bet of Bwin of "Win Lazio and more 2.5 goals", because I think that can leave with enough facility. In Luckia this bet is 1.57, for those who are interested.Luck to whoever follows it!
    © Andrey
  • Genoa vs AS Roma BETTING TIPS / 08.01.2017 Genoa-AS-Roma

    Betting tips for Genoa vs AS Roma

    Good, let's now go to calcium, day 19 between Genoa and Rome.Forecast: double chance Genoa or Roma, at 1.30 at bet365.Arguments:1- A priori very unequal match when facing the 2nd place with 38 points (Roma), against the 12th with 23 points, a fact that makes Roma as a favorite, although how I will then argue I do not trust and opt for a double chance .2- My first choice was to bet on an X2, but I did not find quotas that reached 1.30, so I had to play a little to 1 2, but based on the following:3- Looking at the golaverage of the Roma (39:18) and their last 10 games of which they have won 7, tied only 1, and lost 2, we would clearly incline to bet on winning, but we must look deeply at the rival , Genoa, who in the last 10 only won 3, tied 2, and lost 5, it turns out that this year is winning against all prognosis the greats of calcium, having already won Juve (3-1), at AC Milan (3-0), and tying 0-0 against Napoli, and it would not be unreasonable to do the same against a Roma cyclotrica that this season has been missed points and games that already had won.4- If you look closely, those feats against the great Italian teams, they have achieved in their stadium, where is making a very reliable league where winning is practically impossible since until the last home game which lost 3-4 against Palermo and that let itself escape inexplicably since until the minute 69 gained 3-1. It was Palermo who cut a 13-game winning streak at Genoa where no one could beat him in their stadium, and Genoa drew 4 and won 9 matches.5- As we also see are teams that tied little and that go to the attack in search of the 3 points, fact that already this season have made them lose enough points.As we have seen in analyzing the game in depth, it would be possible that the Roma did not win, and that the tie would be a good result for Genoa, neither would give it for good, so I cover a little with the 1 2 .Luck!!!!!!!!!!
    © Russel
  • Genoa – AS Roma PREDICTION & PREVIEW (08.01.2017) Genoa-AS-Roma-preview

    Prediction for Genoa - AS Roma

    As already commented by twitter, this quota should collapse throughout the week a change on the rise would be a surprise too big seeing how is being this week in Genoa.The local team has lost two of its standards, on the one hand to the Venezuelan Rincon who has gone to strengthen Juventus and especially the most important low for my Pavoletti to Naples. And eye for that is not everything is also spoken of the exit of the "Cholito" to Lazio therefore it seems clear that there are problems in the club or have decided to do box and forget already to fight for Europe this season.However it is clear that this match arrives at the worst time and to top it off against a Roman team that clearly follows in the fight for Serie A and has presented a unique occasion in this first day of 2017.
    © Andrey
  • Empoli vs Palermo BETTING TIPS / 07.01.2017 Empoli-vs-Palermo

    Betting tips for Empoli vs Palermo

    In the first match of the 19th round of the first league of Italy in football is the program very interesting meeting at Empoli where the stadium Carlo Castellani meet eponymous home team and the team of Palermo. The home team has won 14 points and is on the 17th place but they were a match of very great importance in the struggle for survival. On the other hand, a visiting band from Sicily won 4 points less and is located on the site and is 18om them this game even more important. Therefore, I expect that the home team carried by the support from the stands win at least 1 point. Good luck!
    © Russel

Italy Serie A Picks

In Serie A lot of goals are scored and that leads us to choose games where the best bet will be an O/U pick. The 2015-16 season, 979 goals were scored in total. This is a trend of over 900 goals per season in recent years. The vast majority of our Series A picks will be O/U.

We like to see a lot of goals and Serie A has what we like. Picks betting with O/U have always been our favorite in European soccer especially in Italian soccer where at any moment can enter a goal and change the history of a game.

Our Serie A picks and other leagues are always looking for the best result based on statistics. let us not be misled by favoritism either by the public percentage, we like to read the news and trends of Italian soccer before making any recommendation to our bettors.

Many people qualify Italian soccer as a heavy-defense but this is not entirely true. Italian soccer has the best scorers in the world. Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, Carlos Bacca, Mauro Icardi among others. By having excellent players scoring many goals you can expect our Serie A picks mostly O/U.

The best games in Italian soccer are on Sundays, our favorite day of the week for soccer betting. The Serie A picks are displayed in advance up to 4 days or more to ensure that all of our bettors have time to pick the best betting lines.

For the best Italian soccer games in Serie A do not forget to follow us on social networks to be aware of any information arising about our picks. All our Serie A picks are guaranteed to profit and take the hedge over the market trends.

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