Italy Serie A Picks (Predictions & Betting Tips)

Serie A Picks

Italy one of the famous countries of the world soccer has one of the most prestigious and famous world leagues, the Serie A. Almost all the best players in the world have belonged to an Italian club before becoming famous worldwide. Serie A is a global benchmark in terms of soccer and history.

The history of this league goes back more than 117 years. Serie A was founded in 1898. This league is comprised of a total of 20 teams, among them are 3 of the best teams in the world which are: Juventus, Milan and Internazionale. These clubs are part of a group called the G-14, the most famous and prestigious clubs in Europe are part of this elite club.

The scudetto is the title won by the team with the most points won at the end of the season. There are 20 teams that will face in this competition at home and away to complete 38 games during the season. Teams finishing in the last 3 positions of the table will be sent to the second division of Italian soccer, known as Serie B. The team with the most titles is Juventus with 32 total titles.

  • AS Roma – Cagliari PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) AS-Roma-Cagliari

    Prediction for AS Roma - Cagliari

    Win Roma Asian Handicap -1.5Match corresponding to Day 21 of Serie A where they will play Roma and Cagliari.On the local side;- Roma are in 2nd place with 44 points, only beaten by Juventus. His current balance is 14 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats where they have scored 41 goals and have conceded 18, being the 2º equipment more scorer and the 2º less thrashing. They are 1 point below those of Turin and after the defeat of Juve against Fiorentina this weekend the championship has been tightened in such a way that none of the above can fail.- They reach this meeting with 4 wins and 1 loss in their last 5 league games.- He is the 2nd best tenant of the league with full of victories. 9 of 9 takes Rome in the Stadio Olimpico. Only Juve, who has 10 wins of 10 games, has better numbers than them. They have scored 27 goals and conceded 7.- 5 of his 9 wins have been for 2 or more goals.- In their ranks they have Dzeko, 3rd highest scorer in the league with 13 goals.On the visitor side;- Cagliari, recently promoted from Serie B, has 26 points in his locker. His current balance is 8 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses with 31 goals in favor and 44 against, being the team more thrashing of the league. The goal of Massimo Rastelli was not to descend and they are fulfilling it as they are closer to the European posts (10 points) than the decline (16 points).- They reach this meeting with 2 wins and 3 losses in their last 5 league games.- The weak point of this equipment is when it has to move. If they get better these numbers would be much higher. Cagliari is the 2nd worst visitor of the whole Serie A, in their 10 trips they have obtained 1 victory, 1 tie and 8 defeats where they have only scored 7 goals and received 24.The Roma have to carry the weight of this encounter and even more if you have before you a Cagliari that changes completely when you play away from your stadium. Now that the Totti have the Scudetto to shot, they can not pass up the opportunity and need to put pressure on the Juve to fail again and thus rise with the 1st position.Good luck.
    © Andrey
  • Atalanta – Sampdoria PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Atalanta-Sampdoria

    Prediction for Atalanta - Sampdoria

    Both will mark: YesMatch of the twenty-first day of Serie A where Atalanta and Sampdoria meet at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on Sunday 22 at 17:00.The locals come from an irregular streak with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats, you are in the last two matches against Juventus and Lazio. For Sampdoria the results are similar to 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses, one of them against Roma in the cup.In the section of lows the premises count with the low of Kessié in the middle of the field that is in the cup of Africa and for the visitor are the casualties of Room and Carbonero, neither of the two very important.I go with the both mark and is that the locals have scored in the last 5 games (100%), has embedded in 3 of them (60%). And on the visitors' side he has scored in the last 5 away games (100%) and received in the 5 (100%), it is quite clear this time. And in the previous direct clashes played at the home of Atalanta there have been goals on both sides in the last two leagues.Good luck to all and thank you.
    © Andrey
  • Bologna – Torino PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Bologna-Torino

    Prediction for Bologna - Torino

    Under (-) 2.5 goals1 - Bologna comes from playing coppa to Inter and get to the proroga after making a brutal effort to stay alive in the match, therefore it is not interesting to see a high rhythm of the match for those of Donadoni.2- The locals did not arrive at their best, suffered to win Crotone by a 0-1 racano and the match was lentisimo with football phases of total boredom, many absences and a game racano.3- As local Bologna has played 9 games, only in 2 we have seen over ...4- IMPORTANT; Bellotti is short on the Bull. His star striker is sanctioned, we remember that he is fighting for Cappo Canioneri, and looks like Maxi Lopez will replace him ...5- The Torino away from home low enough performance, has only won two games and tied 3, so I do not expect the Sinisa team to leave everything on the field.
    © Andrey
  • Empoli – Udinese PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Empoli-Udinese

    Prediction for Empoli - Udinese

    Both will mark: YesMatch of the twenty-first day of the Serie A where they face the Empoli and in Udinese in the Carlo Castellani the day on Sunday 22 at 14:00.The locals come from an irregular streak where they have won 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 5 games. And Udinese who are on a losing streak with two consecutive defeats against strong opponents like Rome and Inter will try to get out of this crisis.On the part of the Empoli they emphasize the low of Diousse in the center of the field, will be also low Barba.Delneri will have all his equipment available.I go with the both score in a game that the bookmakers do not believe that happens but I will explain the reasons why I think they are wrong.Empoli have scored in 4 of their last 5 games (80%) at home, the last time was against Fiorentina on 20 November. They have scored in 3 of the last 5 (60%) the other two are loose teams like Cagliari. And on the part of the Udinese has scored and conceded goal in 4 of the 5 games played of visitor (80%) only in the last game in the tie to 0 against Sampdoria was left the both mark.Statistically we have already seen that is likely but if we add the need to score both teams give us an open match and alternatives for both teams. Let's hope the Mchedlidze, Saponara by the locals and Zapata and Thereau are inspired and give away goals on both sides.Good luck to all and thank you.
    © Andrey
  • Pescara – Sassuolo PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Pescara-Sassuolo

    Prediction for Pescara - Sassuolo

    Win SassuoloI think Sassuolo and his coach have learned well the lesson of the wear suffered by the squad to play in Europe this season.Why do I say this? Well it is very easy this week have had coppa before a Serie B and little else have given it has rotated almost the whole team removing one or two players, proving that is already thinking of sentencing a salvation that happens among other things by defeating the teams down. Last week they endosadon a 4-1 to Palermo and this visit to a Pescara very sunk in the table.For the Pescara all are final already, and of course leaving to death against the Sassuolo for me only means one thing and is that you can go until thrashing. The visitors dominate the game a lot and but with little are able to achieve much, to top the arrival of Aquilani has given them more quality in the center to get the ball to the pair of arrival.
    © Andrey

Italy Serie A Picks

In Serie A lot of goals are scored and that leads us to choose games where the best bet will be an O/U pick. The 2015-16 season, 979 goals were scored in total. This is a trend of over 900 goals per season in recent years. The vast majority of our Series A picks will be O/U.

We like to see a lot of goals and Serie A has what we like. Picks betting with O/U have always been our favorite in European soccer especially in Italian soccer where at any moment can enter a goal and change the history of a game.

Our Serie A picks and other leagues are always looking for the best result based on statistics. let us not be misled by favoritism either by the public percentage, we like to read the news and trends of Italian soccer before making any recommendation to our bettors.

Many people qualify Italian soccer as a heavy-defense but this is not entirely true. Italian soccer has the best scorers in the world. Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, Carlos Bacca, Mauro Icardi among others. By having excellent players scoring many goals you can expect our Serie A picks mostly O/U.

The best games in Italian soccer are on Sundays, our favorite day of the week for soccer betting. The Serie A picks are displayed in advance up to 4 days or more to ensure that all of our bettors have time to pick the best betting lines.

For the best Italian soccer games in Serie A do not forget to follow us on social networks to be aware of any information arising about our picks. All our Serie A picks are guaranteed to profit and take the hedge over the market trends.

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