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Tuesday night has some interesting football matches on the schedule. It will come, inter alia, on 20.11.2018 to meet Italy against the United States. Italy, however, does not play at home, as they play at 19:45 (CET) in the Luminus Arena of Genk. The US has previously played a friendly in England that lost 3-0. The chances of the Americans in the next game are only marginally better. However, Italy has not always smiled in the past few months with fame. In the last seven games, there was only one victory. After the Squadra Azzurra missed the World Cup participation, a fresh start should begin, but until now progressed only slowly.

In the Nations League, the team in Group 3 of the Liga A has lined up between Portugal and Poland and will therefore neither play the final nor descend. The Italians would still like to win a victory at the end of the year. That should be possible in principle against the USA, since the opponent itself has been driving only meager results for a long time. So let’s go to Italy vs. United States clear odds for the Squadra Azzurra find. The tip on the favorites can be worthwhile if used accordingly. However, Italy have played only draws in the last two test matches. Too much security should not give this favorite role.


The disappointment was great with the Italians, as it was not enough for the World Cup finals in Russia despite solid to good qualification – for the Italian national team anything but everyday. But this circumstance should also be understood as a fresh start, to start with a young team in the future. This can be seen in the gate, which is no longer guarded by Gianluigi Buffon, but Gianluigi Donnarumma. However, the change did not really succeed until now. In the last ten games it has been enough for the Italians only to two victories. One of them took place in May against Saudi Arabia, another last in the Nations League against Poland.

After all, there have not been too many defeats since the summer. A lost game was at the beginning of June in the test against France and one in the first leg of the Nations League against Portugal. Against the Portuguese, Italy did not get past a goalless draw at home. What is striking about all these results is that while Italy is relatively safe on the defensive, but offensively little is achieved. Italy have not scored more than two goals in their last seven games. According to this yield, it will be difficult to win the games. Against the USA, the Italians promise so more. The odds speak at least clearly for the favorite.


Just like Italy, the USA was not part of the last World Cup. And if the results and performances do not improve slowly, this could also be the case for the next big tournament. The US is looking for its form. In the first five months of the year, there were still good results and some victories, but since the summer there was only one victory in seven friendly matches. This was retracted against Mexico in September and only with a score of 1-0. In part, the United States but met heavyweights such as France (1-1), Brazil (0-2) and finally England (0-3).

There have been defeats against Colombia or Ireland, and in any case a draw against Peru in October – but also only a 1-1 draw. The USA did try hard against England but could not do much to oppose the strong Three Lions at Wembley Stadium. There were a few offensive actions, but the defensive has clearly shown gaps. The offensive should make it difficult to score against well-placed Italians. At the same time, the US has to pay close attention to the defense, otherwise threatens early on the backlog. Should that happen, it would be even harder for the Americans, who in the encounter between Italy and the USA, according to the betting odds, will emerge as clear outsiders in Genk.

Prediction Related Bets:

Italy win1.581-06.00BTS / NO1.79

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