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European Championship Women

Dec 13, 2016


Denmark W vs. Russia W PREDICTION

  • Key party for both countries. Another match between two teams that aspired to a medal and possibly finish the two out of that fight. Russia only has to win to stay alive and even so the most normal is to be eliminated and for Denmark not win tomorrow would be practically their elimination.

    Starting with the numbers of this tournament, the two teams average 24 goals per game in their favor. Denmark has made 3 matches of 43, 42 and 42 and one over with the Czech Republic when they were already classified and Russia has made two matches of 39 and 44, an over again with the Czech Republic present because it prints another pace and defends very poorly And an over with the Croats already eliminated and team more thrashing of the tournament with much difference but for being in the group more difficult.

    That is to say that the normal parties, the matches against the big teams, the ones that fight for the medals, have been all games of annotations 39-44 and they place a 49.5 the day that they play practically the life.

    Danish people are not uncommon to be under. Between the world and European, counting the countries of Europe and not to countries that can be called Tunisia or Japan, the Scandinavian set has made 8 under and 3 overs (one of them by half goal). Only overcoming with Romania and the commented with the Czechs.

    They have always been a very defensive team, even before losing a lot of time attacking with 7 and without goalkeeper (Kristina Kristiansen was wearing the shirt almost 60 minutes). Now with the new rule of goal do not use that tactic, but they are tough on their defensive line when they really get serious and seen. 21 goals from Montenegro, 19 from Hungary or 22 from all-powerful Norway who have won 5 of the last 6 European Championships and 3 of the last 4 world championships, are their achievements this week. In which the Czechs did over but when Denmark wanted to climb I nail a 14-6 in 25 minutes that I leave nailed.

    I do not expect that with the pace imposed, his great defense and without great goals scorers, can score more than 25. Because that is another. In attack only 3 players can average more than 3 goals and not very well. No one would reach the 4 goals if it was not for throwing 7 meters. Thus finished below the 25 goals of average in the world against the 7 European teams that they faced and thus have continued maintaining here that average.

    For his part Russia has always been much more scoring. She is the current Olympic champion, she came almost without losing a single match in big tournament throughout the year and they had a wide range of goal scorers, but here all that has not been seen. They have not come to Sweden or Ilina, nor Chernovanenko, nor Bliznova, nor the sister of Vyakhereva, Polina Kuznetosva. That’s 108 goals in the World Cup. That’s 12 fewer goals per game. They have not been compensated and have left a Russian team that finished the first phase of the World Cup with an average of 34 and in the end after eliminations in an average of 31, or that finished the Olympic games with an average of 31, in the 24 that it currently has . They have gone from having 5 scorers to have 2. They are still the other support that contribute, but 3 main are missing. Those that have reduced the Russian attack and will leave without a European medal and with a very bad classification beyond the 6th position.

    The game can be won by Russia, but their ideas in attack are few and have gone to work very defensively. So much so that Norway has scored 23 and the Romania Neagu pichichi clear of the tournament (7 goals per game in the world to be MVP and currently more than 8 goals per game in this European) has remained in only 22.

    Maybe 50.5 is not a very high total for handball, but watching the tournament and all the teams, is a total high. As there have been 21 unders and 10 overs that are achieved 3 of Croatia, 2 of Poland and 2 of the Czechs while all the other selections have been tired of making totals lower than these that propose for tomorrow.

    So with the tension of losing to be eliminated, with two teams with offensive power and little confidence, slow pace and a great defensive capacity, in a tournament already by little showy in notes. Normally, they do not reach 50.


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European Championship Women

Denmark W
13 December 2016

Russia W win @ 1.90

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Russia W

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