RB Leipzig – Mainz PREDICTION (20.09.2020)


RB Leipzig – Mainz SOCCER PICKS

RB Leipzig has big plans for the start of the new Bundesliga season! The host wants to set an example and mark their own territory in the fight for the top spots.

Before the game RB Leipzig vs. Mainz, the odds also show a clear favorite role for the host. That is not surprising, because RB Leipzig played a very good last season. And yet there are still question marks hovering over the Champions League participant.

The first game of the season for both teams will be played in front of several thousand spectators. Kick-off is on Sunday at 14:30 p.m. in Leipzig.

RB Leipzig:

Last season RB Leipzig played very well over long stretches and was even the autumn champion! Julian Nagelsmann has made the team even more flexible and implemented even more variety. But in the summer a bitter exit follows, Timo Werner moved to Chelsea.

Because the loan from Schick could not be firmly committed and so far “only” Hwang came from Salzburg, the offensive is facing a difficult task. How this can be solved is shown by the game of RB Leipzig in the cup against Nuremberg. Enjoyment of the game, combination confidence and a lot of support from the depths were the keys to victory.

Despite Werner’s departure, the offensive is still the part of the team that you have to keep an eye on at RB Leipzig. Hwang, Poulsen, Olmo, Nkunku, maybe shortly Sörloth: The possibilities are enormous. After 81 goals in the preseason, expectations are high. In addition, the team is of course well rested at the start of the season – and can possibly offer their fans a spectacle when they return to the stadium.

That’s why before the game RB Leipzig vs. Mainz our forecast that more than 3.5 goals will be scored. The reason for this cannot be found at RB Leipzig alone. Because Mainz showed several times in the preseason that you are completely unpredictable, especially when you are abroad.

But back to the host. Coach Nagelsmann has to do without Laimer and Konate at the start, both failures are quite serious. Laimer in particular, with his discipline and dynamism, is a heavy loss. Otherwise, RB Leipzig can draw on the full.


Mainz wants one thing above all in the new season: not to play against relegation until the end. The club’s squad is very interesting, but there are still some disagreements. New impulses should be set, but players have to be sold for this. The problem: The silverware around Mateta, Niakhate & Co. is too expensive for potential buyers.

Before the game RB Leipzig vs. Mainz, the odds suggest that the guests go into this game as a clear underdog.

The defensive is particularly problematic. With 65 goals conceded in the preseason Mainz has not exactly covered itself with fame. Especially against aggressive, fast-playing and at the same time individually superior opponents, the defense wobbles alarmingly. Here coach Beierlorzer must have found the right approaches in the summer.

Apart from a stable defensive, relief is also important in order to be able to take something with you in Leipzig. Mateta as a massive striker, Quaison as a source of ideas and a lot of dynamism from midfield should be good ingredients to pose problems for the hosts’ defense several times.

In the cup against Havelse, Mainz showed more and more its class after brief problems at the beginning. Of course, you always have to be careful with findings from a game against a sub-class opponent, but in the second half Mainz played very good football at times.

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