Mainz – RB Leipzig PREDICTION (24.05.2020)


Mainz – RB Leipzig SOCCER PICKS

Hi guys, I am going to upload this pick in the match against Mainz VS Leipzig as well. This time I see well that more than 3 cards are given in this match.

Mainz have received 51 cards, which would give us an average of 1.9 cards / game.

Leipzig have received 36 cards (3rd team that has received the fewest cards in the league), it would not give an average of 1.4 cards / game.

In the Mainz home matches they would have seen> 3.5 cards in every game except 1 (against Dortmund which is the team that receives the fewest cards).
Therefore we would have 12 green and 1 red for this line when Mainz plays at home, with a 92.3% success rate. Nothing bad.
Taking into account all the matches, both at home and away, we would have an 84.6% success rate (22 green and 4 red).

In Leipzig’s away matches we would have 8 green and 5 red (61.5% correct). If we see the global both local and visitor we would have 57.7% (15 green and 11 red). The last 5 confrontations between both teams: 5,6,6,2,1.

© Andrey

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