Dortmund – SV Werder Bremen Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (20.05.2017)


Prediction for Dortmund – SV Werder Bremen

Win Borussia Dortmund and both mark @ 2.00

Last Matchday of the Bundesliga that faces Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen.
Bet on “Win Borussia Dortmund and both score”.


Last day in which the two teams play a lot. Specifically they play their future in Europe. The Dortmund, with the possibility of dispute Champions next season, has to add 3 points to ensure their direct presence in the group stage of Champions, while Werder Bremen, currently 8th with 45 points, winning and losing Freiburg (which has A difficult duel against Bayern Munich in their field) and tying or losing Cologne (which faces Mainz 05 at home) would have secured the 6th place giving access to the Europa League. Although this is really complicated, if he wins and Freiburg loses, it would be possible that if Dortmund wins the cup final, the place would move to the 7th place in the league. So, winning, they would have serious options to reach the Europa League next season (despite not depending on themselves).

The Dortmund will be able to count in this match with the habitual ones of the last days. For this important encounter they recover to Gonzalo Castro, important player in the center of the field that was lost the last day by sanction. Bartra could play the match, although personally I doubt he plays the starter. With all that is at stake, I do not think that a Bartra without a rhythm of competition and being the important end of the cup on the 27th, he will play it out to start in this match. If I think it would be possible to see him enter from the bench if the result is favorable for Dortmund in the last minutes.

Werder Bremen will not be able to count on Robert Bauer by sanction, relevant player in the center of the field of Bremen (3er player in the center of the field with more disputed parties, having been injured). So we are talking about a relevant decrease and more in a match where the passes and the plays of the center of the field are surely relevant when creating occasions. The center of the Dortmund camp is very physical and pressure could kill Bremen.

SV Werder Bremen

The Dortmund is a great place. This season has added 40 points in 16 games, the same as Bayern Munich, and knows no defeat (12 wins, 4 draws). In addition, it is after Bayern Munich the team that concedes fewer goals at home (7 Bayern, 8 Dortmund), leading 37 goals (second team, once again after Bayern but this time with a difference of 13 goals, Which scored more goals at home). Having been 2 of the 0-0 draws, of the 12 wins of Dortmund in 5 marked the visiting team (he conceded 2 goals against Bayer Leverkusen).

The numbers are not very favorable but you have to take into account several factors when it comes to why I think Werder Bremen will score:
– Dortmund changes their defensive side a lot as a home away from home. This is due in part to the fact that the Bundesliga is very noticeable the field factor, being always the states full, and may be the pressure for the suffocating visitor.
– Bartra is a pillar in the defense of the team. Without Bartra Dortmund has conceded a goal in 17 of 20 matches in which he has been absent (I may be playing some match but I think those have been the undisputed counting Champions, Cup and League). Several of these matches were top level, such as the 2 played against Monaco, the match against Bayern Munich and the first leg in the group stage of Champions against Real Madrid. However, in those 4 games, we talked about that he conceded at least 2 goals in all (he was 3 in both matches against Monaco and 2 goals against Bayern and Real Madrid).
– Werder Bremen have been scoring consecutively in 13 games, not having scored only in 2 games played this season. Away from home he has scored in 15 of 16 matches, not scoring in the first league game, which was against Bayern Munich and finished 6-0.

Among other factors, these more favorable to the victory of the Dortmund, the Werder Bremen, although it has marked in almost all the parties, is of the teams that concedes more goals. He has 60 goals against, and after Darmstad already down (61 goals against), and Hamburg, who is struggling not to play the Play-off game for permanence, with which he is tied to goals against . Away from home he is tied to goals against with both teams.
Aubameyang is in full fight for the pichichi. He has 29 goals, with 30 Lewandoski, so I think he will fight until the end for scoring and despite playing 7 days after the final, he will not be changed until the end of the game.

Finally, personally, and I think it is something that has demonstrated the season, the game of Dortmund is clearly superior to that of Werder Bremen, having failed this season situationally the goal and, being a team without a large pool bottom, injuries They have spent a lot of bill throughout the season.

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