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Ligue 1 is the first division championship in France. It puts 20 professional teams in competition for the title of French football champion. At the end of a season made of round-trip meetings, the first two of the championship qualify directly for the Champions League, while the third gets the right to participate in the play-offs.

The fourth, like the winner of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue, wins the ticket for the Europa League. In the bottom of the standings, the teams that finish 19th and 20th are automatically relegated to Ligue 2, and the 18th plays a play-off against the 3rd of the second division to avoid going down. All in all a program that makes the forecast for Ligue 1 one of the favorites of the French.

The first thing you need to know about Ligue 1 is that it tends to become an increasingly technical championship and the past two seasons have shown that attitudes are moving in the right direction. Whether you need advice for your Ligue 1 prediction or free expert advice, you’ll find everything you need on this page throughout the season.

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  • Lille vs Montpellier PREVIEW Lille-Montpellier-preview

    Preview for Lille vs Montpellier

    Host Lille is 14th in the charts. After 16 games played with 17 points and a goal difference of 15:21. In the past three rounds Lille won seven points. They played 0-0 at Nantes, then they beat Caen 4-2, while in the last round with 0-1 were better than Bordeaux. On home ground Lille has a ratio of 4-0-4 and a goal difference of 10:11. Montpellier is at the 12th place. They have 19 points and a goal difference of 23:28. In the past three rounds were won by four points. They played 0-0 against Nancy, then 1-0 defeat at Toulouse, while in the last round surprise by winning 3-0 against PSG. Away from home Montpellier has a ratio of 0-4-4 and a goal difference of 11:22. I think both teams will reach the goals in this match.
    © Russel
  • Lille – Montpellier PREDICTION (10.12.2016) Lille-Montpellier-prediction

    Prediction for Lille - Montpellier

    Lille not more than one team which can be afraid and therefore are located in the lower part of the table with 2 points less than the next opponents Montpellier who last weekend to say the least broke the reigning champions PSG, however, I think this will be a hard match with a small number goals and that domestic team will not be so easy to give up points at this meeting although probably Montpellier heartened by beating the favored PSG. it is difficult to say who will win in this match, so I opted for the goals but my tip is that it be less than 3 quota is solid.
    © Andrey
  • Bastia VS Metz BETTING TIPS / 10.12.2016 Bastia-Metz-betting-tips

    Betting tips for Bastia VS Metz

    Bastia plays very badly this season, are now on 18 place with 14 points, but in the last five games have three draw and two defeats, the last defeat away to Monaco with even 0-5. You could say that now do not really play good football can be seen of course from within the current form, have too much oscillation and simply not good. There is no real results. Metz is in the 13 place with 18 points, are in the last four games with five points with a win at Nancy and interrupted match with Lyon. Otherwise guests are slightly better team but I think it will fit in a drab host and is my type x.
    © Jonah Picks
  • Bastia vs Metz PREVIEW Bastia-Metz-preiew

    Preview for Bastia vs Metz

    Bastia is ranked 18th in the charts. They played 16 matches and won 14 points with goal difference 24:20. Currently, the position of which means the fight to stay in Ligue 1, so that urgently need points. In the past three rounds Bastia has signed up for two points won. They played 1-1 at Nice, then they played 1-1 against Bordeaux, while in the last round with a 5-0 defeat away to Monaco. At home Bastia is the ratio of 2-4-2 with goal difference of 6: 6th So at home playing meetings with a small number of goals. Metz is in 13th place of the scale. After 15 rounds with 18 points and a goal difference of 16:29. In the past three rounds were won by four points. First they won 1-2 against Toulouse, then they played 3-3 against Lorient, while in the last round with a 4-0 defeat away to Nancy. On the road Metz has a ratio of 3-1-4 and goal difference 6:10.
    © Russel
  • Bastia – Metz PREDICTION (10.12.2016) Bastia-Metz-prediction

    Prediction for Bastia - Metz

    Match of the 17th matchday of the Ligue 1 between Bastia and Metz, played this Saturday at 19:00, at the Stade Armand Cesari de Bastia.As local will play Bastia by François Ciccolini, who will seek a victory that will take him out of the downhill. Noting the classification we see that the Bastia is in 18th place with 14 points, having achieved 10 of them at home, showing quite solid. In 16 games he has scored 12 goals, less than one per game, and has received 20, something more than one per game. Team little scorer and not very good defensively, so it looks. His top scorer is the French Enzo Crivelli, with 5 goals.Philippe Hinschberger's Metz is in 13th place with 18 points, having won 10 of them away from home, where he performs very well. As for goals, has scored 16, slightly more than one per game and received 29 in the 15 games played, which shows us that they are not very good defensively. His top scorer is the Turkish Mevlüt Erdinç, with 6 goals.In terms of streaks, both come in pretty bad having won Bastia 3 points, in three draws, in their last five matches and Metz 5 in their last four. So they are two teams that have a hard time winning.In the last five games between these two teams there have been no draws, and overall he has dominated Bastia with comfortable victories.It seems to me that it will be an even match and quite afraid to lose by the positions they occupy in the standings. Playing at home gives Bastia a certain favor, but I still see a disputed game and that's why I'm going to go with the draw.
    © Andrey

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