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Ligue 1 is the first division championship in France. It puts 20 professional teams in competition for the title of French football champion. At the end of a season made of round-trip meetings, the first two of the championship qualify directly for the Champions League, while the third gets the right to participate in the play-offs.

The fourth, like the winner of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue, wins the ticket for the Europa League. In the bottom of the standings, the teams that finish 19th and 20th are automatically relegated to Ligue 2, and the 18th plays a play-off against the 3rd of the second division to avoid going down. All in all a program that makes the forecast for Ligue 1 one of the favorites of the French.

The first thing you need to know about Ligue 1 is that it tends to become an increasingly technical championship and the past two seasons have shown that attitudes are moving in the right direction. Whether you need advice for your Ligue 1 prediction or free expert advice, you’ll find everything you need on this page throughout the season.

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  • Lille – Saint Etienne PREDICTION & PREVIEW (13.01.2017) Lille-Saint-Etienne-preview

    Prediction for Lille - Saint Etienne

    Under (-) 2 First match of the 20th day of the French league are facing the LILLE and St Etienne Lille is in a very good dynamics after having some difficulties at the beginning of the league seems to have found his cruising speed and is adding 3V-1E-1D before the Christmas break that led him to place in the 12th place in the table with 21 point But only 3 ahead of the first downhill. St Etienne is more uneventful since sumo before the pardon 1V-2E-2D also have to take into account the fact that they are still alive in Europe disputing the Europa League the strength of this team lies in the mental strength to overcome the marker when the latter Goes against him more than once so far this season they made a valuable point marking in the last moments of the match. These 2 teams usually offer a rather tight game they like to press and play against hit in fact they are not great scoring teams each is having a close goal average of 1 per game the absence of several players who are going to play the cup of Africa also weakens the troops and that makes everyone prudent. The St Etienne located in the 8 position of the table does not play anything if not try to get a little closer to the European posts in this Party LILLE is played much more because in case of defeat can return to hell if those who Chase ask to add the 3 points so a tie would allow him to keep out of the red zone and keep that good streak. Last data in 13 games with LILLE playing local never St Etienne managed to prevail LILLE takes 9 wins and 4 Draws of these 13 matches 7 finished with a maximum of 2 goals
    © Andrey
  • Bastia – Marseille PREDICTION & PREVIEW (21.12.2016) Bastia-Marseille

    Prediction for Bastia - Marseille

    Bastia is ranked 12th Ligue 1. They have 20 points and a goal difference of 16:21. The last three rounds were won by six points. They lost 5-0 at Monaco, then 2-0 and won against Metz 1-2 away win at Rennes. At home Bastia has a ratio of 3-4-2 and goal difference 8: 6th Marseille is in 6th place. They won 27 points with goal difference 20:18. In the past three rounds Marseille has enrolled nine points. They won 3-0 against Nancy, then 1-2 away to celebrate in Dijon, while in the last round with 2-0 were better than Lille. On the road Marseille has a ratio of 1-3-5 and goal difference 9:17.
    © Andrey
  • Nantes vs Montpellier BETTING TIPS / 21.12.2016 Nantes-vs-Montpellier

    Betting tips for Nantes vs Montpellier

    Nantes is the 19th in Ligue 1. This is a place that leads to a lower rank, so they need the points. They have 16 points with goal difference 11:26. In the past three rounds Nantes has enrolled three points. They lost 0-6 against Lyon, then the 2-0 defeat away to Guingamp, while in the last round with 0-2 celebrated at Angers. At home Nantes has a ratio of 1-3-4 with goal difference 3:13. Montpellier is 11th in the charts. They have 22 points and a goal difference of 28:30. The last three rounds were won by six points. They won 3-0 against PSG, then lost 2-1 against Lille, while in the last round with a 4-0 win against Bordeaux. Away Montpellier has a ratio of 0-4-5 with goal difference 24:24.
    © Russel
  • Metz – Guingamp PREDICTION & PREVIEW (21.12.2016) Metz-Guingamp

    Prediction for Metz - Guingamp

    Owner Metz is currently ranked 17th Ligue 1. They have played 17 games and won 18 points with goal difference 16:34. In the past three rounds Metz scored three points defeat. They lost 4-0 at Nancy, then were defeated 2-0 at Bastia while in the last round lost 3-0 away to Caen. At home Metz has a ratio of 2-2-3 with goal difference 10:19. Guingamp is in 5th place of the charts. They have 29 points and a goal difference of 23:17. The last three rounds were won by six points. They won 2-0 against Nantes, then the 1-0 defeat at St. Etienne, while in the last round with a 2-1 win against PSG. On the road Guingamp has a ratio of 2-3-4 and a goal difference of 24:12.
    © Andrey
  • Lyon vs Angers BETTING TIPS / 21.12.2016 Lyon-vs-Angers

    Betting tips for Lyon vs Angers

    Lyon is a solid fourth place Ligue 1. They have played 17 games and won 31 typed points with goal difference 32:19. In the past three rounds Lyon has won nine points. They won 0-6 at Nantes, then 1-0 won against Rennes, while in the last round with a 1-3 defeat away to Monaco. At its site Lyon is the ratio 5-0-3 with goal difference 15:10. Angers is in the 15th place of the table. Have nineteen credits and goal difference 15:22. In the past three rounds Angers has entered one winning point. They played 2-2 against Lorient, then were beaten 2-0 at Nancy and win 0-2 against Nantes in the last round. On the road Angers has a ratio of 2-1-6 with goal difference 5:12.
    © Russel

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