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  • Nice – Metz PREDICTION & PREVIEW (15.01.2017) Nice-Metz-preview

    Prediction for Nice - Metz

    Win Nice Very good gentlemen! We are going with a French Ligue 1 match between Nice and Metz. First game of the Nice in its stadium in this new year 2017. The year 2016 has been an incredible year for the South of France. They managed to get into the Europa League at the end of last season and ended the year being leaders of the category in the following season, which is the current one. Arrived at the equator of Ligue 1, the Nice shows that this campaign is serious. As I said, they are leaders of the French top division alone, with 2 points above Monaco and 5 above Paris Saint Germain, the main favorite to win the title. And it is not that the Nice are leaders by demerit of the favorites, but they are by their own merits, as they are the team less thrashing with 13 goals conceded in 19 games and only one defeat. The main reason for this leadership is that Nice is the best team both local and visitor. However, as it shows greater strength and reliability. And I say this because the results prove it, because in 10 matches played at the Allianz Riviera the locals have won 8 matches and tied the remaining 2, so they are still undefeated. In addition, it has a balance of 23 goals scored and 7 conceded only. This day visits the Costa Azul the penultimate Ligue 1 qualifier, the Metz. Metz are the penultimate French league qualifiers with 17 points out of 54, so it's definitely going to be bad this season. However, saving momentum is quite cheap in France, even though he carries these few points, he has the salvation to 2 points and could climb more posts if he chains a pair of victories, since the eleventh place has it 4 points , Quite close, so there are several teams immersed in this fight. Although the Metz performs better at home than at home, I am confident of the reliability of the Nice and I still do not beat the slump this season. In addition, it recovers to some players that had of low and the Belhanda, Balotelli and company will arrive with desire to this first party of the year in Nice. Finally comment that in the previous Nice-Metz, those of the Côte d'Azur took the 3 points with a short 1-0. However, this is the second time they see this season, as on October 26, Nice visited Metz and won by 2-4. Luck to whoever follows it!
    © Andrey
  • Toulouse vs Nantes BETTING TIPS / 14.01.2017 Toulouse-Nantes

    Betting tips for Toulouse vs Nantes

    Toulouse and Nantes will have a goal number (s) even (time Regular), rating of 1.87 Classification Odd / Even: 3 points PAIR - 0 point ODD. Currently this season, Toulouse is in rank number 18 while Nantes is in rank number 14. With only 9 points for Toulouse on their last home games, this is not the kind of result that shows that they have a superb success when playing at home. It is obvious that these results are rather destabilizing. Lately, the result 3 times unbeaten outside Nantes and against Montpellier in the last round could prove to be a decent result along this year given that Montpellier will probably be one of the teams of the season with a rather superb record.
    © Russel
  • Toulouse – Nantes PREDICTION & PREVIEW (14.01.2017) Toulouse-Nantes-preview

    Prediction for Toulouse - Nantes

    Toulouse and Nantes draw (regulation time), odds of 3.25 Sports: Football Championship: France Ligue 1 We find ourselves today for a brand new football match in the French league championship 1 between these two beautiful teams. Toulouse is in good shape at home at the moment, while Nantes has regained form since the change of coach. Very tight match between these two teams or we could have a very tight game or neither of these teams will come off in this game. A point sharing that might suit Nantes on this match Good bet to all and all and good luck.
    © Andrey
  • Nancy vs Bastia BETTING TIPS / 14.01.2017 Nancy-Bastia

    Betting tips for Nancy vs Bastia

    Nancy wins against SC Bastia (Regular Time), odds 1.95 Sports: Football Championship: France Ligue 1 We find ourselves today for a brand new football match in the French league championship 1 between these two beautiful teams. Nancy remains on 5 wins of suites, sometimes wide in league 1 and will face a Bastia who took a damaged cup in France against PSG. Here are the ingredients that will make a victory of Nancy, especially at home for this demonstrates against corses in doubt who will follow this encounter more than anything else ... Good bet to all and all and good luck.
    © Russel
  • Nancy – Bastia PREDICTION & PREVIEW (14.01.2017) Nancy-Bastia-preview

    Prediction for Nancy - Bastia

    SC Bastia wins against Nancy (Regular Time), rating 4.50 Hello everyone and we all meet tonight for a new pronoun on football, match between Nancy a Bastia. Nancy is the favorite in this match but nevertheless I do not think that it will win against a crazy team of Bastia, certe Bastia lost 7-0 against Paris in cup of France but it must not be forgotten that Paris had put the team Type and not Bastia this time the visitors will play with the big team and I see them losing badly against Nancy. Bastia wins coast 4,50 € See you soon for new sports forecasts and do not forget betting smart
    © Andrey

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