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  • Lyon – Marseille PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Lyon-Marseille

    Prediction for Lyon - Marseille

    Total points for cards; More than 45 I know I should not get into Ligue 1 and less with Marseille in between, but I have to try this quota that seems to me to have a lot of value. They face in the so-called "Choc des Olympiques" Lyon and Marseille, a qualified "classic" that really is not that it is excessively hard but that there is some rivalry. Both teams are separated by four points in the standings, although Lyon with one match less than their rivals. It is true that the current position in the table of Marseille has been forged in their stadium, where they had not lost any game until last week Monaco humiliated them taking the game by a goal to four. Away from their stadium they are a contrast to what they do in their feud, they have only won two games and if not for Montpellier and Lorient (25 and 24 goals conceded respectively as visitors), would be the team more thrashed home. Despite that, they came face-to-face in Paris (0-0) and made things difficult for Nice (3-2), although they thrashed again in Monaco (4-0). Lyon on the other hand, is making a good season with respect to other years. In his stage has lost against PSG, Guingamp and Girondins and the rest has gained them with sufficiency. They are the sixth team most reprimanded in Ligue 1, with 36 yellow cards and three red cards in 19 games (an average of 2.21 cards per game), although in their stadium their average drops to 1.78 cards. Of its nine parties in its fief, has surpassed the line in five of them. For their part, Marseille, as I said last week against Monaco, is the least admonished of Ligue 1 and also are also the less cards provoke their rivals. They have received 31 yellow cards and a red card in 20 games (1.65 cards per game) and as a visitor their average amounts to 1.9 cards per game, but their local rivals do not even reach the card per game (0, 8). This means that as a visitor only the line has been exceeded in a game of their ten (against Nice), and in the calculation of their 20 matches has only surpassed in 2/20. But the referee of the match will be Ruddy Buquet, and is the main reason for the forecast. From Marseille they have already shown their indignation for the designation since last season pointed a non-existent penalty on Lacazzette and also expelled to Alessandrini by an entrance on Valbuena (hated by the liking of Marseilles by its past there and its march to Lyon). Of the referees most cardholders of Ligue 1 (within what is this League), with a mean this season of 4.84 cards per game. He has surpassed 45 points per card in seven of his 13 meetings. His data for other seasons are as follows; 15/16; 21 meetings, 4.71 cards per game (exceeds the line in 10/21) 14/15; 21 meetings, 5.19 cards per game (exceeds the line in 13/21) 13/14; 19 meetings, 4.32 cards per game (exceeds the line in 10/19) This season has led four matches to Lyon, and one to Marseille, in all have passed the line, Lyon have refereed against Nice (0-2) with six yellow and one red, against PSG (1-2) with Seven yellow against Girondins (1-3) with three yellows and one red, and in their victory against Monaco (3-1) where there were six yellow and one red. Al Marseille on the other hand directed to him the encounter that lost in Rennes (3-2) where there were three yellow and one red. The direct clashes between both teams usually leave us cards also in the last years. Ruddy Buquet has refereed in his career two of them giving the green in both. 16/17 Marseille 0-0 Lyon; Five yellow. 15/16 Lyon 1-1 Marseille; Four yellow. 15/16 Marseille 1-1 Lyon; Five yellow and one red (arbitrated by Buquet). 14/15 Marseille 0-0 Lyon; Seven yellow and one red. 14/15 Lyon 1-0 Marseille; Four yellow. 13/14 Marseille 4-2 Lyon; Three yellow. 13/14 Lyon 2-2 Marseille; Five yellows (arbitrated by Buquet). With that hopefully we see a match played to the end (that Marseille do not lie as against Monaco) and that Buquet do the rest. Moderate Stake, I do not like France much.
    © Andrey
  • Saint Etienne – Angers PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Saint-Etienne-Angers

    Prediction for Saint Etienne - Angers

    Under (-) 1.5 goals Hello Hello!! This match between Saint-Etienne and Angers for the 21st match of the French league. Saint-Etienne is 8th while the Angers are in trouble 18º classified. The locals base all their power in defense being the third team less thrashing only behind Nice and PSG, thanks to this good defensive tackle are in this 8th place because in attack they have many shortcomings and it costs them a world to score goals. Angers on the other hand is also in the top-3 but of the teams that have less goals, so it seems difficult for me to be able to score some goal against the good defensive system of the ST-Etienne. No wonder a 0-0 seeing the little scoring ability of both sets that raise the games from the defense rather than from trying to create danger to the rival. Even so, with 1 goal we would have the correct forecast. Luck....
    © Andrey
  • Monaco – Lorient PREDICTION & PREVIEW (22.01.2017) Monaco-Lorient

    Prediction for Monaco - Lorient

    Win Monaco Very good gentlemen! We go with a Ligue 1 encounter between AS Monaco and Lorient. The Monegasque set has begun in 2017 at the top. After two weeks of the year, Monaco are leaders of the French Ligue 1 tied to points with the Nice. Nevertheless, in the tie to points they are leaders by the incredible balance sheet that they carry. In 20 matches played this campaign have 60 goals scored in favor, which is an average of 3 goals scored by match, a real barbarity. This leadership is also due to the fact that they have made the Stade Louis II a fortress and a field really difficult to visit for the rivals. In 10 games played in this stadium, Monaco has won 8 of them, drawing 1 and losing another, figures that place him as the second best visitor behind Nice. For its part, there is the Lorient. If Monaco is at the top of the table, the Lorient on the contrary, because it is the penultimate classified of this first French division. Of the 18 points that the Lorient has, 16 have achieved them at home and 2 of them at home, and is that Lorient is one of the worst visitors of the division. In 10 matches, he has tied 2 games and lost the remaining 8, little more than comment. In addition, it fits a great amount of goals, and there is no worse rival to face in these moments than the Monaco. With these figures, and bearing in mind that the leader receives the penultimate classified, I think a fairly good fee is that Monaco win the Lorient. In addition, they have already seen faces this year in Ligue 1. On November 18 last year, faces were seen in the field of Lorient and Monaco took the 3 points with a forceful 0-3. Luck to whoever follows it!
    © Andrey
  • Metz – Montpellier PREDICTION & PREVIEW (21.01.2017) Montpellier-–-Metz

    Prediction for Metz - Montpellier

    Montpellier wins against Metz (Regular Time), odds 2.45 Sports: Football Championship: Ligue 1 France We meet today for a brand new football match in the league championship 1 between these two very beautiful teams of this championship. The message was very clear on the side of the president of Montpellier to his coach. Two games to save his head. After a draw on the first match, this Montpellier team will absolutely have to win today to save his coach. Victory compulsory and they will give themselves I think means to break this bad series Good bet to all and all and good luck.
    © Andrey
  • Guingamp vs Rennes BETTING TIPS / 21.01.2017 Guingamp-vs-Rennes

    Betting tips for Guingamp vs Rennes

    Guingamp AH -0.25 (Regulatory Time), rating of 2.02 Football Day counting for the Ligue 1 championship The team of Guingamp will face on its ground the team of Rennes The Guingamp team is given favorite in this match by the bookmakers. They are currently 5th in the championship with 8 wins, 6 draws, 6 defeats, 26 goals scored and 22 goals conceded. Their opponents of the day are currently 7th in the championship with a record of 8 wins, 4 draws and 8 defeats, 20 goals scored and 24 goals conceded. Of the last 5 confrontations between these two teams, the visitors lead the debates. My bet in this game will be to play a victory of the premises.
    © Russel

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