West Brom – Burnley PREDICTION (19.10.2020)


West Brom – Burnley SOCCER PICKS

Premier match on Monday afternoon between West Brom and Burnley, the locals come to the game with a single point, Burnley have lost all three games they have played so far, both teams the logical thing is that they end the season fighting not to be relegated category.

I’m going with a statistical forecast of a player and it will be about the West Brom center-back Semi Ajayi, for green we need a minimum of 34 passes, he is a starting and indisputable player in the team, he has played all 4 games and in all the 90 minutes, and last season he was an important player in the promotion of the team.

It doesn’t seem like a high line to me considering that in front of him he will have a Burnley who is more comfortable without the ball, last season it was the second team with less possession in the Premier (only more possession than Newcastle), West Brom was the fourth of more possession in the Championship.

We go with the numbers of our player, here the 4 rivals to date and Ajayi’s passes:

– Vs Southampton: 37 passes (West Brom 38%).
– Vs Chelsea: 13 passes (West Brom 24%).
– Vs Everton: 22 passes (West Brom 29%).
– Vs Leicester: 32 passes (West Brom 37%).

For the marked line, it is true that we would have 1 green and 3 red but of course it must be said that the 4 are teams with a lot of possession, nothing to do with Burnley, and also a lot of merit for those passes that he gave against teams like Southampton or Leicester.

Now the passes that the central rival Burnley have given in their three games:

– Newcastle: 47 and 28 passes (28 were given by Schar in 54 minutes).
– Southampton: 57 and 39 passes.
– Leicester: 62 and 69 passes.

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