Tottenham – West Ham PREDICTION (18.10.2020)


Tottenham – West Ham SOCCER PICKS

We are going for the third pick in the Premier League. This time we are going to London, to the meeting that he will face in the new “The Lane” for the nostalgic ones against Tottenham by Jose Mourinho and West Ham by David Moyes.

Those of the Portuguese are sixth in the table with 7 points out of 12 disputed, while the Scotsman’s pupils are in the middle of the table, tenth, with one point less than their opponent.

The collegiate Paul Tierney will be in charge of the cards.

And we will continue looking for a new under, also less than 4 cards as in the Sheffield match, with the difference that here with 4 cards they return the investment and we do not lose. For this there would have to be 5 warnings.

We go with the Tierney data: 2 meetings directed this season, 2 under on our line. Nothing unusual, he is a referee pulling more under without being something exaggerated.

Last season, in 25 games he drew 82 cards, averaging 3.28 per game (slightly below the 3.66 in the championship). Only in 6 of those 25 did he draw more than 4 cards. That is, 19 out of 25 games in which at least we would not have lost the bet, and in 13 of those 19 we would have had the green.

Similar in 18/19, with 24 games directed and 14 green and even better in the previous one, with 16 games and only 2 reds for 11 green.

Looking at the teams, both have started the season in the expected average of the championship, with 1.5 cards for Tottenham (6 in 4 games) and 1.25 for West Ham (5 in 4 games). Far away therefore adding their averages of the 4 cards that would take away the green and much more than the 5 for the red.

Possibly the greatest risk and that I understand that this is why the quota is there is if we look at the numbers of Mourinho’s team last season, where they were the second most booked team only behind Arsenal, seeing an average of 2.37 cards per game . Not so West Ham, which finished the season at 1.71 on average, championship-level numbers.

In fact, although the cards received were average, a curious fact is that looking at their matches they were the second team that had the fewest total cards in their matches, only above Liverpool’s matches, showing an average of 2.89 cards in the matches that he played, and only being seen in 4 of the 38 more than 4 cards, having in 26 of them less than those 4 cards.

Here Tottenham does match their cards received, and also in their matches they were the second most over, with 4.58 cards. It is the logical thing, that’s why I say curious about West Ham with that data that goes in our favor.

As we can see, facts and figures both good and bad, but I think that in the set of referee and teams, a line in 4 I see elevated, and if with 3.5 I would have possibly stayed on the sidelines, with this I think it is necessary to try . Even more so when we are seeing that since it is played without an audience in England if the number of cards has dropped and the average is little greater than 3.

I hope I have been of help to you, and of course, good luck to the one who decides to follow her and go with her.

© Andrey

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