Sheffield Utd – Manchester Utd Prediction & Picks (24.11.2019)


Sheffield Utd – Manchester Utd SOCCER PICKS

We are going with a new day of Premier in which we will look for the over corner. I’m going fast because I don’t have much time.

08-18-2019 Sheffield United 8 – 4 Crystal Palace
08-24-2019 Sheffield United 7 – 4 Leicester
09-14-2019 Sheffield United 12 – 6 Southampton
09-28-2019 Sheffield United 6 – 5 Liverpool
10-21-2019 Sheffield United 7 – 12 Arsenal
11-02-2019 Sheffield United 7 – 6 Burnley

These are the six games of the Sheffield at home and six green, with an average of 7.8 corners in favor and 6.1 against. The good thing about these six matches is that they have received Leicester, Liverpool and Arsenal and in all they have taken at least six corners, I say this because they are of “similar level” to what can be found in this match.

EL United for its part does not have such good numbers but at least the last two games if they exceeded that line:

08-19-2019 Wolves 4 – 6 Man United
08-31-2019 Southampton 2 – 3 Man United
09-22-2019 West Ham 3 – 7 Man United
06-10-2019 Newcastle 4 – 6 Man United
10-27-2019 Norwich 1 – 10 Man United
11-02-2019 Bournemouth 4 – 10 Man United

It must be said that three of the reds were with 10 corners, that is, they were left one of the green, and another if it was red with all of the law.

I think it will be very important that United does not score soon so that he has to go for the victory and not contemplate, if he is also helped by the Sheffield corners much better.

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