Liverpool – West Ham Prediction & Picks (24.02.2020)


Liverpool – West Ham SOCCER PICKS

Liverpool FC players are actually flesh and blood. That became clear in the 0-1 defeat during the week in the premier class at Atletico Madrid. Now you shouldn’t make a drama out of it, but it has shown that the Reds are beatable. At least in international comparison, this message will be received with goodwill.

It still doesn’t matter in England. The championship is practically impossible to take away from Jürgen Klopp’s team. Basically, all of Liverpool is still waiting for the day when, after 30 years, the trophy of the English champion can be raised again. A little patience is still required, but it shouldn’t take long.

The Premier League ranking shows Liverpool as the most clear-cut leader after 26 games ever. The Reds have 76 points and could stay ahead of the competition with a home win of 22 points. Kloppo and his kickers are still missing a maximum of five wins for the championship.

For West Ham, however, it looks very cloudy. With only 24 points, the Hammers are currently on a relegation zone. David Moyes has already saved Londoners from relegation. Everything is still possible at the moment. The gap to a non-relegation zone is only one point. However, the trend is far from positive.

Generally, before the match between Liverpool and West Ham, the prediction of a home win for the Reds. There is nothing to harvest for the opponents this season, especially on Anfield Road. After the setback in the premier class, it is now a matter of not losing any points, at least in the Premier League, where the Reds could afford it.

There is no alternative to a home win between Liverpool and West Ham. For the Londoners it is another thankless match and struggle to stay in the class and the tasks will not be much easier in the next few weeks. The kickoff for the 27th matchday in the Premier League between Liverpool and West Ham United at Anfield is on March 24th, 2020 at 20:00 p.m.

Liverpool :

In the Champions League, the Reds rarely go according to plan. So far, it has been possible to ensure that this weakness was covered up very well on Anfield Road. That is the task for the second leg against Atletico Madrid, about which we will of course report in advance in our Champions League tips.

In the Premier League, however, the Reds are chasing one record after another. This season there have been 25 wins and a draw in 26 point games. The LFC has been unbeaten in the Premier League for 43 games in a row. Recently there were 17 wins in a row. A win on Monday would set Manchester City’s record.

Everything is still in the green. If you believe the best bookmakers, then the Reds’ championship is inevitable anyway. On Monday, the betting providers are also not assuming a stumbling block in the league prime. Therefore, only odds of a home win should be taken into account between Liverpool and West Ham United.

Last Tuesday, Jürgen Klopp’s team actually showed their limits. In Madrid, where they won the premier class last year, the LFC fell behind early at Atletico and found no means of equalizing. Then the Reds struggled mainly with the Polish referee, who did not know how to stop the games of the Spaniards.

However, it would not be the first time that Liverpool have to stretch in a second leg. For the Premier League, the defeat in the Spanish capital has no impact, neither on morale nor in terms of personnel.

However, he will definitely have to make a change that hurts extremely. With Jordan Henderson, the Reds will have to do without their captain and clock. However, the alternatives don’t sound too bad, because Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or James Milner are likely to be the options.

West Ham:

Much of his coaching career has been on Mersey when he was responsible for Everton toffees for eleven years. He is the coach with the fourth most games in the Premier League. He would like to erase the games on Anfield Road from his memory, because the result is extremely bitter.

He has prepared his teams 15 times, in addition to Everton, Sunderland, West Ham and Manchester United, for a Reds match. David Moyes never won. In general, it doesn’t look as if anything will change on Monday. The odds comparison of the betting base makes it clear that between Liverpool and West Ham the forecast goes more than clearly towards home win.

This is not only due to David Moyes ‘miserable statistics on Anfield, but also because of the Hammers’ monstrous condition. There have been no wins in seven competitive games. It is almost impossible that Londoners will end this black series in Liverpool of all places.

West Ham was a guest at Manchester City last Wednesday. Two away games in a row with the best teams in the league are a real challenge for a club like the Hammers. West Ham kept the expected loss in Manchester within limits. In the end, however, David Moyes’ eleven were almost without a chance at 0-2.

David Moyes does not believe that the Reds will be mentally affected after the bankruptcy in Madrid. In his opinion, the loss in the Champions has nothing the least importance for the game in the Premier League.
It just looked like there might be an all-clear for the Hammers. That’s not the case. David Moyes can again use the services of Felipe Anderson, but Ryan Fredericks is now out due to a shoulder injury. Andriy Yarmolenko and Jack Wilshere are still on sick leave.

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