Liverpool – Middlesbrough Prediction & Preview and Betting Tips (21.05.2017)


Prediction for Liverpool – Middlesbrough

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Liverpool are struggling with Arsenal and Manchester City for the posts of Campions. To qualify to the round of qualy in Champions the ones of Anfield depend on themselves. They take a point to Arsenal and there is only one date, for this same network will have to face the Boro locals. It is very normal in final instances that, in matches where a team that fights for something plays against one who has nothing to fight for, the latter tries to mortify the victory to the contrary. That is, it will be very normal to see in this match a Boro trying to ruin the game to Liverpool. In my opinion the way the visiting team wants to ruin the day for the reds will be through a totally defensive game. However, this Boro intention may be distorted if we consider that sis record shows a very poor defense on their part. The previous one since in their last 5 parties both of visitor and of local they have scored 2 or more goals with the exception of the match against Sunderland that, as we know, the last one of the table. In his last 5 away games he has received 2 or more goals in all, with the exception of the match against Swansea, another team that did not relay but remained in a position to do so.

The above I say to take into account that the will of Boro, in my opinion, will not bear fruit against a Liverpool that will play this game as what is, as a very important game for both players and DT Jurgen Klopp. Now, after talking about the defense of Boro it is necessary to mention the Liverpool offensive for this bet. The reds, in my opinion, along with Pochettino Tottenham are the best teams offensively. This is also supported by the number of goals that have marked the Anfield, so far are the second team more scoring in the league tied with Manchester City. In addition, in addition to all of the above it is necessary to repeat that Liverpool’s will will ensure victory with a two or more goals advantage as they are playing the qualification and against a team that is not of good category it will be very affordable to find a favorable result For this bet.


In addition to all of the above, I have to say that in my opinion it is possible that the match is very closed in the first minutes and that too, Liverpool is likely to take some time to score the first goal. So, what we should expect more for this bet is that the marker is opened with a goal of the reds, and once a goal is done it will be more likely to hit. This is how I imagine we will have to resist the whole game until the score is opened. Now, on the HA is true that according to what I said it would be best to bet on the -2.5 instead of this, however, I consider that knowing that Boro postponed minutes for the network to score, it would not be surprising if both the Of Anfield and did not finish reaching them to mark the three goals. Sometimes, in these instances the teams end up disappointing as in that type of bet of -2.5.

Well, anyway, that’s all. Greetings and good luck, guys.

© Andrey

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