Liverpool – Manchester City Prediction & Picks (10.11.2019)


Liverpool – Manchester City SOCCER PICKS

We are going with the best game that is going to be played in Europe on the weekend, they face liverpool and Manchester City on Sunday afternoon in Anfield, great game with all their lyrics and it is that both with their styles are undoubtedly two of the best teams in Europe, popcorn match and enjoy.

I go with a prognosis of possession in favor of Manchester City, I hope that the Guardiola team has more possession than the Klopp team, we already know them, Manchester City is of more possession and more touches, Liverpool for its part is to press and more direct play.

As for numbers in this Premier League, Manchester City has won possession of all its rivals, the minimum possession that Pep’s team has had was 54% at home against Brighton, while Liverpool lost the possession against Chelsea, he stayed at 45%, and on day 8 with the leicester he won possession with a tight 51%.
We go with the average per game of both teams, here also wins Manchester City:

– Liverpool: 58.6% / match.
– Manchester City: 61.7% / match.

If we see the classification we see Liverpool with 6 points of difference in their favor so that should lead to Manchester City being more demanded in terms of having to win the match and that is that of Klopp with a draw looking at the classification They must be satisfied.

I go with the head to head between the two, their last 6 games in premier and results to possession, are to think green:

– Manchester City-Liverpool: 50-50 (red).
– Liverpool-Manchester City: 49-51 (green).
– Liverpool-Manchester City: 36-64 (green).
– Manchester City-Liverpool: 66-34 (green).
– Manchester City-Liverpool: 60-40 (green).
– Liverpool-Manchester City: 43-57 (green).

To conclude that they recently faced each other, it was in the English supercup in August, Liverpool won possession with 53% but it must be said, I saw the game, that the City was winning much of the game, from the 12th minute and That was key to see more possession of the liverpool since the result made the Klopp push more, at the break the City won in possession with 58%.

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