Burnley – Manchester City Prediction & Picks (03.12.2019)


Burnley – Manchester City SOCCER PICKS

Very good, we go to England to Tuesday’s game between Burnley and Manchester City.

The pick consists of both teams scoring a goal during the match.

Well, I will go with this forecast for 3 reasons, the first is the fee that I see above the value, feelings of the City in recent weeks and the fact that he plays as a visitor.

Burnley comes from losing at home to Crystal Palace 0-2, which is somewhat unfair in my opinion since Burnley finished twice and deserved to score, perhaps even draw.

Manchester City on the other hand comes from drawing away from home against Newcastle, a team that managed to score him twice, when they are 14 in the standings.

It is clear that Manchester City is not well, he has only won 1 of his last 5 games, conceding 3 draws and 1 “logical” defeat against Liverpool in Anfield. In those 5 games the two teams scored.

The City surprisingly meets the BTTS in 8 of its last 10 games, although it is true that it has played against great teams such as Chelsea or Liverpool, they have also received a goal from Shakhtar at home, from Newcastle as I said or from Southampton.

Burnley, meanwhile, in the 8 games he has played at home in the league, has only accomplished this in 1 match, against Chelsea, which is no small matter. Still they are not good figures at all.

It is true that against West Ham, Everton, Norwich or Southampton has not fit, but none of these teams have the offensive potential of the City, so I have your goal.

I am honest, I go with this forecast for feelings regarding the City, which is not playing well and is fitting a lot recently.

Something quite positive, the City has fulfilled the BTTS in its last 7 games played.

© Andrey

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