World Cup 2018 Predictions

There was a time, not so long ago, when the white marble-clad concrete palace located inside the Kremlin was home to the congresses of the Soviet Communist Party. Mikhail Gorbachev presided over the 28th and last, in July 1990.

And it is here, in this very political place erected in the heart of the Russian capital, and not in a sports venue, that the launching of the Football World Cup 2018 was given, Friday, December 1, by the draw of the teams. In Russia, everything goes and everything comes back to power.

The event, which attracts millions of fans and viewers, will take place in Russia for the first time in its history from June 14 to July 15, 2018, and the ceremony could have no other origin than the “Kremlin”.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony and promised to do everything to make the World Cup a great sporting event.

World Cup 2018 Schedule

world cup 2018 tips The 2018 World Cup schedule has been defined by FIFA (International Federation of Football Association). Three to four daily matches will be played in Kaliningrad, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St Petersburg, Samara, Saransk, Sochi and Volgograd between June 14 and July 15, 2018. Russia, the host country, will play the opening match on June 14 against Saudi Arabia and the final match will close the competition on July 15. Both meetings will be held in Moscow at Luzhniki stadium.

The matches will be televised live at very convenient times to increase visibility on all the continents therefore betting on FIFA World Cup 2018 becomes easier with the help of a site like ours: we take care to gather everything here, whether it’s the best odds, the latest news and analysis on the competition so you do not have anything more to do than place your bets.

2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour

world cup 2018 betting tips On the occasion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour that started in London, Coca-Cola, the official partner, will allow all the fans of the world to live a unique experience: approaching the most coveted trophy of football!

A partner of football for nearly 100 years, Coca-Cola has long supported major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup since 1974 and the UEFA European Championship since 1988. For Coca-Cola, these popular and festive events, which offer beautiful moments of sport, are as many opportunities to gather fans around their passion and allow them to experience unprecedented emotions. The World Cup time is an equally important moment that Coca-Cola wants to share with the most impatient fans.

For its fourth edition, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will cover 91 cities in 51 countries in 220 days!

World Cup 2018 Favourites

 brasil world cup 2018 tips

Bet on Brazil:

As always, Brazil is a serious contender for the 2018 World Cup title in Russia. After the humiliation suffered against Germany in the semifinals, the Seleçao wants to improve its coat of arms and win its sixth star. Led by its galaxy of stars, Brazil can have ambition. Especially since they have carried out a very promising qualification campaign.

Brazil should not have too much trouble to finish first in their group even if they will have to show their concentrated and serious face to their three competitors: Serbia, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Three opponents proposing different game philosophies: physical, technical and defensive.

Brazil’s strengths

* Brazil has the best attack in the world with Neymar, Coutinho and G.Jesus.
* The Brazilians finished first in their qualifying group.
* Several players exploded in attack, notably Neymar and Coutinho.
Brazil’s weak points
* The pressure is so strong that Brazilians can sometimes crack as they did against Germany in 2014.
* The Brazilian defence is quite ageing with Mirando, D.Alves and Marcelo.
* Brazil often tends to rely on Neymar, a risky addiction.

Key player: Neymar

Having become the most expensive player in the world by joining the Paris SG for 222 million euros, Neymar is a real star in the whole world. Revered in Brazil, he is considered the player capable of bringing back the sixth World Cup to La Seleçao. In addition to offering spectacular dribbles and being fast, he knows how to be formidable in front of the opponents’ goals.

Brazil plays most often in 4-3-3.

Here is their preferred 11 : Casemiro, Reato Augusto, Miranda, Marcelo, Paulinho, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Alison, Dani Alves, Marquinhos.

germany world cup 2018 tips

Bet on Germany

The defending champion, Germany, is once again considered the favourite of this World Cup. The Mannschaft has always reached the semi-finals of the big competitions for more than 10 years. Once again, it will be necessary to count on Germany, which has a selection mixing youth and experience.

Germany is in Group F consisting of Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. It is a difficult group that the Germans have to face, even if in the end the teammates of Manuel Neuer are the big favourites and should logically reach the knockout stages.

Germany’s strengths

* The Mannschaft is one of the most technical teams in the world.
* In the last 10 years, the Mannschaf has been, without a doubt, the most regular team.
* Germany has a game identity and a very strong team.
Germany’s weak points
* Germany has often been among the semi finalists but rarely winners in 20 years.
* The German central midfielder is a bit slow and may have difficulty facing fast players like Mbappe.
Offensively, the Germans do not have a world-class striker, like Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Key player: Manuel Neuer

Regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world, Manuel Neuer played a leading role in Brazil in 2014, especially against Algeria in the round of 16. Decisive on his line, he is also one of the leaders of the German locker room. His experience is important in a team where several regular players will play their first World Cup with this status.

Germany plays most often in 4-2-1-3.

Here is their preferred 11: Kroos, Ozil, Draxler, Neuer, Boateng, Hector, Gundogan, Werner, Kimmich, Hummels, Khedira.

World Cup 2018 Favorites of the Groups at the 2018 World Cup

world cup 2018 tips The world is looking forward to the World Cup. The group draw took place in the Moscow Kremlin on December 1, 2017 and the 32 teams now know who they are dealing with.

We have summarised the individual groups for you and searched for interesting betting opportunities. Immediately after the publication of betting odds, there is often the greatest chance of finding profitable bets on group winners.

There will still be a lot to do until the finals start in almost half a year, and the odds, of course, are getting more and more accurate.

So sometimes it can be an advantage to act quickly and we are the perfect help for you.

World Cup 2018 – The best odds for Who will be World Champion 2018?

world cup 2018 tips

Group A Favourites – Uruguay & Rusia

Group A (Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia)

The opening match of the 2018 World Cup will take place on June 14 in front of over 80,000 fans at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia meet. In addition, Uruguay and Egypt are still battling for the last sixteen tickets. Uruguay, the first world champion in history, is the favourite for the knockout stage. With Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani especially the offensive is very dangerous and therefore it is not surprising that bookmakers have Uruguay as the heavy favourite.

On the other hand, it is rather surprising that Russia is rated as strong, even though the hosts with their own supporters in the back certainly have the best chance of winning second place. Egypt and Saudi Arabia must outgrow themselves if they want a realistic chance of progress.

Group B Favourites – Spain & Portugal

Group B (Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco)

Group B has the potential to become an explosive group with Portugal and Spain. The other nations, Iran and Morocco, are not so highly ranked. The favourite position with regard to the qualification for the knockout phase is clear. It gets exciting in the fight for the group victory. The decision on this could already fall on the first match day in the duel of the two major European powers. Both teams could convince, but with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal may have exactly the player who can make the difference in such a top game.

On the other hand the legend of the Spanish selection, Andres Iniesta, could make a good figure. There are few teams that can afford the luxury of putting players like Marc Bartra (BVB) or Isco (Real Madrid) on the bench. Spain usually plays a flexible 4-3-3, which can become a 4-5-1 when needed.

Group C Favourite – France

Group C (France, Peru, Denmark, Australia)

The betting odds for the group winners are most clearly distributed in Group C after the Brazil Group. France is the clear favourite and strives for the next big title after they lost European Championship finals in 2016. We trust the Equipe Tricolore a lot and count on the fact that they will fight confidently as group winners in the second round. Behind them, all the three teams have the chance to make a surprise.

Peru, Denmark and Australia have qualified for the World Cup finals and already participating in the group stage is a great success. The Danes and their superstar Christian Eriksen are best placed to take the leap into the top 16 teams.

Group D Favourite – Argentina

Group D (Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria)

Can Lionel Messi finally crown his unique career in the national team? The superstar of FC Barcelona will be happy to meet Germany in the semifinals at the earliest. In the last four World Cups, the South Americans lost to Germany. In Group D Croatia is certainly the biggest adversary in the fight for group victory.

Iceland will provide good spirits with its loud-voiced fans, but the Northern Europeans should be significantly inferior in terms of sport. Not to be underestimated is Nigeria, who remained undefeated in qualifying and have a good team.

Group E Favourite – Brazil

Group E (Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia)

In group E, Brazil is obviously a big favourite, Costa Rica is the clear outsider. Between Switzerland and Serbia, the decision could fall in the battle for second place, where the Alpine Republic could be in the advantage here. Switzerland could annoy the Brazilians in the first group match and possibly aim for first place in the group. Betting on it is worth at least a serious consideration.

Group F Favourite – Germany

Group F (Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea)

Joachim Löw and his boys can’t be dissatisfied with the draw. The group F is feasible, the opponents are attractive. In the opening game, the Eagles meet Mexico – a not to be underestimated team that has always reached the KO stage at the last World Championships. Then there are the duels with Ibrahimovics- Sweden and the South Koreans. All in all, Germany should prevail without any problems. The really big chunks are waiting for the defending champion later in the tournament.

Group G Favourite – Belgium

Group G (Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama)

Belgium has long ceased to be the so-called secret favourite. The star team around the former Wolfsburg and Bremen Kevin de Bruyne may confidently be regarded as one of the big favourites for the title in Russia. Already in the group phase, there is a real summit meeting with the English.

The Three Lions are particularly motivated after the embarrassing end of the European Championship against Iceland and want to bring the World Cup trophy back to the island after more than 50 years. Tunisia and Panama are happy to be present at the World Cup. However, they will not have serious chances of reaching the last sixteen. The group winners will be decided in the duel between Belgium and England.

Group H Favourite – Columbia

Group H (Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan)

The group H is next to the group A, the only one with four teams from four different continental federations. There is no clear favourite and surprises are therefore more conceivable here. The Poles with Bayern star Robert Lewandowski meet James Rodriguez and the Colombians. This duel will probably also decide on the group victory. The Poles have a slight advantage on their side with a slightly more balanced team. Senegal is rightly the blatant outsider – if anything, the Japanese can expect a small surprise.

Who will win the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

world cup 2018 tips

2018 World Cup Betting Tips from the Experts – The Latest Forecasts!

There is nothing bigger for a player than to be able to hold the Golden World Cup in his hands and lift it up. The selection of the DFB made the victory in 2014 and of course they want to defend their title at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Not only football fans, but also the bookmakers are looking forward to the finals, which always holds surprises.

France, Spain, Germany and Brazil are bookies’ favourites, followed closely by Argentina, outsider number one. Since at the 2018 World Cup qualification Europe certainly has the most favourites, it is important to watch the teams here with particular attention. This is your chance to spot such victories in advance with the right 2018 World Cup betting tips.

The timeliness of the information is therefore extremely important. Betting tips for today can be significantly different from the previous ones, because, for example, an important player could be in a bad shape. So it could also hit top favourites like France or England. We provide you with the betting forecasts from the first until the last matchday of the World Cup.

In football, only the best nations qualify for the World Cup finals. Only the best qualify with us. All the analyses, reports and statistics are studied here and our experts use this information to determine the best possible WC 2018 betting tips. For this we examine all relevant data for each game. This will save you from having to laboriously read the details. Our experts take over for you and leave you the fun part of sports betting: win.

This works best if you get neutral information. That’s where we come in. Among other things, our expert team is so good, because we look at each game in advance completely objectively. You can view our betting tips for the entire 2018 World Cup. We always give you as much information as you want in our betting tips.

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